Guides and Useful Topics for Trials Frontier by flooodi

Worldmap / Tracks

Starting-line pictures
of all tracks by flooodi (outdated, use dutchers below).
Worldmap with all tracks, by dutscher.
Medal times
requirements to each track by dutscher.
Android and iOS Leaderboards by Bonxy.
Classification of Frontier tracks by difficulty by KarTanK (not included newest tracks).
Top 10 Tutorials Learn how to make top10 times by carterclem7
Improve your times table by dutscher.
Trials Frontier Scoring Explained by xitooner.
Highest coin payout by fuel by GeneralPeaceful.


Candy Quest Guide
by xitooner.
Cube Quest (part1)
by CasuallyDressed.
Cube Quest (part 2)
by CasuallyDressed.
Slot machine levels by xitooner.


Bike Upgrade Requirements by the_hezy.
Bike Upgrade Cost Calculator by b4tr0x.
Thread with List of Paintjobs & Customs by dutscher.
Garage with all bikes&paints by dutscher.
Home-shack - Outfit wardrope by dutscher.
Stallion + Launch Jump = Exploration!!! (Time Savers, New Access, etc.) by Theelf.
How to Donkey guide by lesorsier.


The Bunker Statistics
by xitooner.
Best Showdown Wins by carterclem7.
The Bunker Season prices by dutscher.
Bunker seasons and statistics by Bonxy.

Scoring explained by xitooner.