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    Originally Posted by Frag_Maniac Go to original post
    Well as mentioned I tried using a sidearm while wingsuiting, and no, it didn't work.

    Can you prove it with a video? If it works now it would have to have been added in one of the patches where it says controls were fixed.

    I say fixed my arse. Anyone here is welcome to go out and buy a wingsuit and try aiming and shooting a sidearm while flying one without severely disrupting your flight.

    It's ridiculous really. Adding mini ankle jets to the wingsuit would make more sense than being able to aim and shoot while using one.
    Ya, i tried it again and no go. I cant shoot a sidearm while wingsuit flying, but i can on hanglider
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    Originally Posted by AndyJackson2012 Go to original post
    Ya, i tried it again and no go. I cant shoot a sidearm while wingsuit flying, but i can on hanglider
    Quite frankly it's a bit unrealistic to expect to be able to shoot from a hang glider let alone a wingsuit, even with a handgun.

    In Far Cry 1 you could fire any weapon from a hang glider, but I expect less arcade and more realism with these latter installments.
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    Just tested on a unmodified game and it can be done.

    The trick is to bind "next weapon" to a side mouse button (not sure if works with a keyboard button or not) and then tap that after airborne. You get what was seen in the video. I have a Logitech G500 though I imagine any mouse with extra side buttons would work. Someone else can experiment with what other ways you can set it up. Looks like it just works with sidearms.

    Feels like a glitch though in the same manner you can pull a weapon (although not use it) while inside a safe house. Given that it would be quite impossible to actually do this while wingsuiting and you have no onscreen weapon. Kudos to that kid though for getting a headshot with the 6P9 like that. If he hadn't gotten a headshot that 35 damage pistol would have set off the alert.
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    i know how to do it

    only thing you have to do is press 2 cuz its number for secondary weapon
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