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    Someone finally unlocked one of the ridiculous achievements....

    Originally Posted by MR MITT3NS Go to original post
    I just wanted to add a few notes at how ridiculous the badges I mentioned above are.

    I have played 36 hours so far according to xbox one's in game tracking. Here are my stats below:
    Total Lines: 11,202
    Tetris Line Clears: 851
    T-Spins: 70

    With these stats in mind and assuming that I stay playing the game at the same pace:
    -To obtain the T-Spin badge "T-Spinner", I would need to play about 1,543 more hours.
    -To obtain the "Show-off" badge for clearing 100,000 lines during online play, I would need to play around 321 more hours (and that is assuming that all my line clears have been during online play, which they have not been...maybe 20% online/80% offline).
    -To get the "Crushed It!" badge for 15,000 Tetris line clears, I would need to play around 635 more hours.

    You cannot tell me that these numbers would make anyone who plans to get all the achievements for the games they purchase and play want to buy this game... The word is already out there that this game has issues and on top of that, it's nearly impossible to get a perfect 1,000 Gamerscore. This makes me angry at myself for purchasing this game on launch day before I knew the faults of the game and the reality that the achievements were so difficult, even for a seasoned Tetris player.
    Stlbleacherbum on xbox one unlocked the Dedicated achievement. He stated on his TrueAchievements page "First in the World! Took forever! I will be surprised if anybody else gets this achievement. It is a seriously long haul.....at least 300-400 hours."

    I applaud his dedication but don't you (Ubisoft) think it's a bit ridiculous to play a broken game for that long? Y'all have since gone silent and not said anything about fixing any issues with the game...What happened to the moderator (ItsCeeCee?)? He/she doesn't respond to anything anymore.... I wish I could go to my job and just ignore everyone and anything they said to me....Great job!
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    Originally Posted by RALPH923 Go to original post
    Also, the music is probably one the worst possible choice you guys could have made. I have not met a single person yet that enjoys playing to this music. Normally i end up turning the sound completely off and playing with a YouTube video in the background of the original music. This game is supposed to be fast paced and its supposed to keep you on your toes and the music makes it feel depressing. I guess it matches with the game though since this was a very disappointing and depressing release of Tetris.
    I agree! Please bring the original music back and offer more music theme options.
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    We need difficulty option

    I have been playing tetris nearly 20 years. I love this game and Tetris Ultimate is wonderfull game for my PS4 to play it with my friends and my nephews .But there is two important problem according to me. These are gameplay time restriction because of difficulty and time's up dlc diffuculty
    First of all, without any difficulty option it is nearly impossible to play time's up DLC more than 1 minute. Every block line we broke just give 1 second and you need a multiple combo to gain more. If you havent got super talent you cant play it ( especially if you are 12 years old like my nephew)
    Another issue is endless game mode will be end after you reach level 10-15 within 5minutes because game speed make the game absoluetly hard to play. I wish to play real playable endless mode . For example with a LVL limit option the game speed can be constant and everyone can play the game without any restriction.
    I think tetris ultimate is wonderful game but it is not suitable for every gamer. With a difficulty option and game lvl option the tetris ultimate will be more beautiful game . (If you are gonna worry about leaderboard sequence after the easy or slow gameplay it is easy to solve. Just dont include it or you can just give us chance to adjust diffuclty option in singlegame play.
    Thank you so much .
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