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    Guys add me if you want my name is Igliano lv 41 player (Android)
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    Dimebaggdonny android
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    Dimebaggdonny android
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    golden tickets

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    Daily Player Only tickets would be enough, thank you!
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    Add me for daily tickets/fuel

    Hey yall I was playing TFG religiously until my android phone broke and I got an iPhone but did not realize you cant switch accounts I just bought an android for my trials account so back to the TFG grind XD

    Username - MomoHummus-TFG

    Platform - Android

    Add me and ill send you stuff daily I hope you do the same! Thanks
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    Username: FearDatRhino
    Platform: iOS
    Very Active/Gift Daily!
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    IOS: Shulhan
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    Hi.I you added.why you don't golden ticket send to me?😠😠😠 I level 48 Quasar714
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    Friends for golden tickets

    Platform: Android
    Nick : Creaturebix

    looking out for you all!

    Have a great day
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