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  1. #2011
    android: wickedares
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  2. #2012
    Nick: Hardwell1420
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  3. #2013
    iOS Etochii
    Daily player
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  4. #2014
    on Android
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  5. #2015


    android EL-soker отправляю билеты и бензин .уровень 46. играю по среднему
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  6. #2016
    My Name is RexFortisAjay and I am on iOS, I am a daily player and riding 300 tracks , I send daily tickets and would love to get tickets.
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  7. #2017
    yes it happens sometimes but you should try after few seconds, it will work.
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  8. #2018

    Ed Kenway iOS looking for Trials Frontier Friends

    Hi Guys none of the people I know on FB play this game so hoping to find some new friends in this thread! I am an active player looking to send/recieve some tickets and to race some ghosts to get some of the outfits! Thanks

    Player name: EdKenway11
    Platform: iOS
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  9. #2019
    Mystiqz_rL's Avatar Member
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    Aug 2017
    Fusion player finally downloaded frontier

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  10. #2020
    Name : asykilla

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