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    Post your ID here! (Uplay/Steam)

    Need someone to play multiplayer with? Need some help conquering Outposts? Want a co-op partner? You've come to the right place!

    Post the following information if any of the above applies to you:
    • Uplay ID:
    • Steam ID:
    (post both... for science)

    We'll keep this thread updated with everyone who posts their information. Here, I'll start!

    1. xMiisty
    Uplay: xMiisty
    Steam: [Ubi] Miisty

    2. Scope6666
    Uplay: scope6666

    3. R4GE-X
    Uplay: R4GE-X
    Steam: pranav4495

    4. cStrikeMeSSI
    Uplay: cStrikeMESSI
    Steam: cStrike

    5. Farylas
    Uplay: Farylas

    6. cStrikeMeSSI
    Uplay: cStrikeMESSI
    Steam: cStrike

    7. smsoylemez90
    Uplay: smsoylemez90
    Steam: damnedlife

    8. makikomi1970
    Uplay: makikomi1970

    9. VooDooBiatsch
    Uplay: VooDooBiatsch

    10. lutzifer25
    Uplay: lutzifer25

    11. TheEvilPopcorn
    Uplay: TheEvilPopcorn
    Steam: EvilPopcorn43

    12. ms06s_char
    Uplay: ms06s_char

    13. Djogamik
    Uplay: Djogamik
    Steam: Djogamik

    14. satyr2009
    Uplay: satyr2009
    Steam: satyr

    15. Basstreb
    Uplay: Basstreb
    Steam: Basstreb

    16. BluuuJay
    Uplay: BluuuJay

    17. DaGengster
    Uplay: DaGengster
    Steam: DaGengster1

    18. Miss-Samus-Aran
    Uplay: De_Haos

    19. NaumanGandhi
    Uplay: NaumanGandhi

    20. rolemodel1912
    Uplay: rolemodel1912

    21. shadowdesign
    Uplay: shadowdesign

    22. monsimons
    Uplay: simz_314

    23. seniorrey1127
    Uplay: revkev27
    Steam: revkev27

    24. Robo9
    Uplay: Robo9

    25. elsavaj2003
    Uplay: elsavaj2003

    26. scorpion845
    Uplay: scorpion845
    Steam: Tam İsabet

    27. UPmazing
    Uplay: UPmazing

    28. kelvin19902015
    Uplay: akita ku mi

    29. Ghett0b1aster
    Uplay: Ghett0b1aster

    30. nemerniku1
    Uplay: Tjaar1

    31. Witcher-RJ
    Uplay: Witcher-RJ
    Steam: __PUMA__

    32. rcole_sooner
    Uplay: rcole_sooner
    Steam: rcole_sooner

    33. Abnormalize_MP3
    Uplay: PureEvil1993
    Steam: cikagietis

    34. pellotto
    Uplay: pellotto
    Steam: pellotto

    35. Death_shade35
    Uplay: Death_shade35

    36. sogeki
    Uplay: sogeki

    37. Butcher_ss
    Uplay: Butcher_ss

    38. STKDave
    Uplay: STKDave
    Steam: STKDave

    39. RandomXSk8
    Uplay: RnadomXSk8

    40. sharif699
    Uplay: shmew699
    Steam: sharif699

    41. its_charro
    Uplay: its_charro
    Steam: its_charro

    42. aron_dan
    Uplay: aron_dan

    43. a3aantjeh
    Uplay: a3aantjeh
    Steam: ahulleman

    44. Ranger_Vet68
    Uplay: Ranger_Vet68


    Do you play on Xbox? Check this thread out HERE!
    Do you play on PlayStation? Check this thread out HERE!
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    Post the following information if any of the above applies to you:
    • Uplay ID: scope6666
    • Steam ID:
    (post both... for science)
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    uplay : R4GE-X
    steam : pranav4495
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    uplay: cStrikeMESSI
    steam: cStrike[BG]
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    uplay: Farylas
    steam: Farylas
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    Uplay: smsoylemez90
    Steam: damnedlife
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    Makikomi here...

    I'm looking to complete the two co-op achievements in particular.

    Uplay ID: makikomi1970
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    Ubisoft ID: VooDooBiatsch

    For some fun in coop Doing some assassination and all those sutff
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    uplay: Lutzifer28

    has changed in the game too!!!
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    Mates to play Far cry 4 with

    Uplay : TheEvilPopcorn
    Steam: EvilPopcorn43

    For fun playing and chilling in Kyrat. Voice com prefered but not necessary!
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