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    Need friends add me WheedlingMouse7
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    co-op farcry

    Gt: JokingAlarm27
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    (xbox one only)

    Dhg dirtybird
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    Farcry4 coop/Xbox One

    Gt is DeltaEliteKing9 I'm willing to help others on far cry 4 if they need or want it make sure u notify me when u send the message and friend request also with what reason ur adding me so I know what I can do to help and whynurnadding me thanks hope to have fun killing
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    Yo yo yo wazzup I'm just starting to play online but don't understand how it all works. Why can't I choose different weapons?? I like stealth rather than just running around getting shot.

    Also what do we do with a cheater? Or bug taker-advantager
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    co op missions

    gamertag gangsterdave12

    plz inv if you can help with missions and gaining new weapons
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    XBox One

    Gamertag: chickenoncheese
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    Kemet nubia's Avatar Member
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    Dec 2012
    Xbox One

    Gamertag: Kemet nubia
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    PwcrLinux's Avatar Junior Member
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    Jul 2012
    Minneapolis, MN, USA
    Xbox One; PwcrLinux
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    Xbox 360

    my GT:Austin5098
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