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    I run a business and oddly I've found that if I mistreat customers they shop somewhere else. Weird how that works right?

    What's being missed is the ability to save a game. Just, manually, *save* *a* *game*. Its a feature that's been in games for over *35* years. I remember saving my game in space quest 1 on a 8088 PC back in the *80s*! I had to save the game to a floppy disk (an actual 5.25" floppy disk).

    Basically Ubisoft has imported the autosave only "feature" of console games yet failed to import the "multiple accounts on one system" feature of consoles. See a console game costs 60$ because the console maker is taking their piece of the pie and forcing certain minimums out of the game developer (like the multiple users per game, etc). They also force the company to not "tie" the game to a console so that a users game has value when they are done with it (unlike a PC game that is tied to the user forever and so no longer has any value once purchased). This makes PC games from companies that do these things have less value IMO. Its why I typically refuse to buy ubi PC games at full price. I can't sell it used so there is 10-15$ knocked off the value and I can't share it with family members, knocking another 10-20$ off the price. So most ubi games are actually only 25-30$ games at best.

    Sometimes they manage to pull me in with a game I really want (like wildlands) but usually I'm quite happy with the massive selection of other PC games that don't treat me like a pickpockets mark.

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    Hi, so I feel there is a Key thing that's been over looked in this response. Ubisoft is a business and businesses are there to make money.

    Uplay is their software so they could easily make it with the ability to share with 5 other accounts but this would require development cost and they would lose out on those customers who are willing to buy multiple copies. which would be a further lose to funds so they aren't going to jump at doing it. Steam don't develop their own games so it's not as much of a lose to them which is why they have happily done this already.

    I'm sure they will get there as people have started realizing that they are in fact no longer buying the game just the rights to play the game and that the amount there paying is more than when they were buying a game they could share.

    Unfortunately this is just how businesses work now we the consumer have just suck it up and make do the best we can.
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    Family sharing

    Is there a family sharing on uplay for the same pc because me and my brother don't want to buy two times a game ?
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    Originally Posted by Low_Pression Go to original post
    Is there a family sharing on uplay for the same pc because me and my brother don't want to buy two times a game ?
    Probably shouldn't waste your time. I'm not saying the support team is bad, but the company itself clearly doesn't listen to what their customers want.
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    I landed on this forum just because I got Wildlands with my brand new 1080 ... and I saw that I cannot share my game with my son. I came back to the gaming PC world after a long Playstation4 mostly positive adventure and now I can see and face the bad side of PC playing.

    @UbiSoft ... why I'm able to buy one copy of the Wildlands on my PS4 and share it with my son's sub-account on his console (so we actually are able to play at once, even as a team) and on PC the very same game is impossible to be shared?
    Well, I will not try to find the answer to this question because it is your duty to answer it ... until then though, you lost a customer. I'll stick to the game providers which are allowing family sharing.

    Have a good one.
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    Originally Posted by DEATHDELIV3RD Go to original post
    When we buy a game, we expect to buy the game for all our children's use (on one computer and as long it is suitable for their age) and we expect each of them to be able to share the playing experience by taking turns - peacefully preferably. When the game tracks your progress and is i.e. an online game - if multiple people play by the same Ubisoft account, you obviously can not continue your game from your last save point because someone else has "wrecked it". When there is no possibility of sharing it with multiple accounts (on the same PC) then our family is not peaceful any-more and consequently we (the parents) are not happy any-more. - Not Happy Ubisoft!! Please Ubisoft are you doing something about this, because this does not make sense.

    More than 2 years later this is still an issue. This inaction speaks loudly about Ubisoft's anti-consumer attitudes.
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    Ubisoft please

    If the Ubisoft staff is reading this, please listen to your customers. Either allow the game to be added to steam library so it could be shared though it or impelement something similar to Steam's Family Library sharing.
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