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    Bug Reports

    How do we file bug reports for the PC Platform?
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    FOV Problems

    So on the PC version with 1.4 patch, changing my FOV increasing it (I think) completely breaks the mortar view and makes it totally unusable. Is there anyway you could address this in an update, it would be nice when you change the FOV to get a number value even if its just a guesstimate for what you are changing it too.
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    It's a real shame to see that so many people are having problems with this game.
    It would have been a day one buy for me, but as FC4 is not available on UK Steam, I was going to get it from a high street store instead.
    In retrospect, it's just as well my purchase was delayed as I got to know what a pile of poo UBI actually released.

    As a result, before I purchase, I want to see that all the common problems that a lot people seem to be getting are resolved, and in addition I also wish to see 16:10 support.
    So UBI, sort your act out - get this game sorted and I will buy buy it, but fail and it's a non-buy from me.

    Maybe you will blame piracy for poor sales, but in this instance I feel that UBI is the pirate by selling people a ship with a hull full of holes.
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    Are you seriously kidding me? This pathetically small list of redundant fixed regardless of all the countless complaints?! On top of that, no promised hairworks (I'm assuming it's not even being worked on at this point, liars.), and PCSS has been removed rather than fixed? There is most definitely going to be a court case that drive Ubisoft into the ground very soon. No company should get away with passing off such unfinished garbage as a marketable product.

    EDIT: A more complete list of fixes would be nice rather than just "Fixed various graphics issues"? We would actually like to be able to test to see if these issues have been fixed for everyone as we all know how horrible your quality control is... If it wasn't we wouldn't have to beg for simple patches.
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    21:9 aspect ratio?? And what about 16:10 AR with 2 black bars? I think 16:10 is more used than 21:9
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    Good to see that 21:9 will be added so i can play the game.

    But please Ubisoft, don't release games that are not done. It's not normal for a game needing 8 patches to be playable. I don't mind having to wait a month or 2 longer for a game. I am much more a fan of the when it's done companies.
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    Originally Posted by BigBoss_329 Go to original post
    Do not expect Nvidia Hairworks any time soon.]
    We have inquired about NVIDIA Hairworks. We will update when we have more information. Thank you.
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    Originally Posted by Messier_87 Go to original post
    21:9 aspect ratio?? And what about 16:10 AR with 2 black bars? I think 16:10 is more used than 21:9
    Ive brought up this insanity time and time again, but I feel its falling on deaf ears.

    Why would anyone choose to implement the far less common 21:9 ratio before fixing the common 16:10 ???
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    Originally Posted by xMiiSTY Go to original post
    We have inquired about NVIDIA Hairworks. We will update when we have more information. Thank you.
    Ummmm isn't "Simulated" similar to hairworks? Just seems a bit thicker is all.... Strange looking but better than normal fur I guess. SMAA has no effect on the fur though so it still shimers like crazy, and TXAA is still broken making everything shimmer. Am getting a lot of shadow map issues same as others now, shadows flickering "on and off".

    EDIT: Getting severe shadow problems in snowy areas using SoftShadows. It seems that the SoftShadow setting now properly controls PCSS even if EnableNvidiaPCSS="0" in the gamerprofile.xml, so good work on that at least. Enhanced godrays seem to not work almost anywhere now though, I've seen it flicker on and off a couple times. So that's officially 4/5 Nvidia features that don't work at all, no wonder the Nvidia preset was removed... I seriously hope HBAO+ hasn't been tampered with. Also I noticed on "Simulated" fur level, bear hair is actually identical to grass, I hope actual hairworks is better than that...
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    1.5.0 patch donwloaded (1,3G - whoa!!!), start the game and...."Far cry 4 has stopped working" and black screen... Well, really don´t know what to say... I´m disappointed.
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