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    Originally Posted by SquirrellyNinja Go to original post
    The PS4 pack is up and we're looking into why the PS3 pack isn't yet up and also why "I Wanna Be Adored" is mispriced.
    well? it's been over a week and still I Wanna Be Adored is $7.90. come on man this is really bad customer service from Ubi and Sony.

    I'm upgrading to the PS4 tomorrow and I don't think I will buy RS14 for it,these stuff ups,and more importantly,Ubisoft's inability to fix this after TWO YEARS is leaving me with the feeling you don't really want my money. That's the impression I get from Ubi,only the US matters.
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    I recently upgraded to Rocksmith 2014 on PS4, I am able to get most of my DLC I bought for PS3, have to get it through PSN store as most of it doesn't show up on the Rocksmith store... The issue I have is that I had bought the Slash song pack on PS3, I can redownload 2 of the songs on PS4 but "Slash - You're a Lie" has to be repurchased??? Any advice on how this issue can be fixed or when it will be resolved? Please note that on the PSN store it shows that I must repurchase the song pack for PS4, the other 2 songs I can only download individually.
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