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    Ubisoft to Steam or Vice Versa

    So, I bought R6 on Steam (the starter pack, so the operators take longer to unlock) but decided that, what the hell, I might as well buy the standard version instead on the Uplay launcher. However, there was no change in price or anything, and the operators take just as long to unlock, and now (here's the kicker) I can't buy funds from steam for this game. I'm running into the same issue with For Honor. So what I want to ask is, is there a way for me to have Steam recognize For Honor (which was downloaded on Uplay) and be able to use my Steam credits for steel or a season pass?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hey Defrether! Steam games and Uplay games don't always play well. I recommend staying with one platform. Since it's causing issues, I recommend creating a ticket. Thanks!
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