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    FARCRY4 do not Stutter/Frame Skipping if you if you disable sli then all is normal j

    Originally Posted by The-Gurhm Go to original post
    For those that still get significant stuttering/hitching (which includes myself and my friends), my Ubisoft service rep just sent me a message this morning stating that the Development Team is continuing to look into why the issue is occurring to provide a fix., just keep posting or updating your service request and play something else until they figure out the problem. Right now I'm playing Alien Isolation which is freakin fantastic, beautiful and runs perfectly.

    FARCRY4 do not Stutter/Frame Skipping if you disable sli then all is normal just FPS drops to 30 ****UP
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    Hey, thanks alot for that! Really do appreciate it!
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    Actually you can try increasing GPUMaxBufferedFrames="1" and see if it makes a difference but 1-frame is the sweet spot for 1GB cards
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    A bit later but thanks mate.

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    DrumPixels THANK YOU It freaking works!!
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    thank you, its work
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    I just bought a Gigabyte Extreme Gaming GTX1080 WaterForce card the other day and thought I'd try far cry 4.

    The Micro-Stutter is just awful on this game.

    Even with the .XML tweaks the stutter is the worst I've seen since source engine games on my old GTX970. I also followed another post saying to set power to "Maximum performance" and pre rendered frames to "3" but alas I get microstutter every half to one second of play on what would otherwise be butter smooth 120fps. As Nvidia can't get their drivers right. As older drivers are worse, I can only hope Ubi releases an update to factor in the GTX1080 cards.

    Other main Specs
    Windows 7 pro x64
    Intel Core i74790-k @4.0Ghz
    32gb Cprsair Vengeance Pro 2400 DDR3 RAM (Down Clocked to 1866Mhz for System Stability)
    Sound Blaster Zx
    Logitech Z906 THX 5.1 Speakers
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