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    I don't really experience technical difficulties but was wondering if the performance my system shows is normal or if I had to tweak it in any other way:

    i7 6700K (no overclocking yet)
    GTX 1070 8GB
    16GB DDR 4 (2666) RAM
    Game on SSD
    Windows 10 Home

    With everything set to ultra I get 100 fps+ and a smooth playing experience. With all the Nvidia effects added I experience 30-60 fps. Shadows and anti aliasing seem to take up the most power, lowering them to ultra/txaa2x brings the frames up to 60-80 fps, which seems nearly enjoyable to me.

    I tried the usual tweeks like the maxframebuffered setting, but those don't seem to make much of a difference regarding fps

    Am I getting the fps I should expect from my system or is there something left to optimize? Nvidia Geforce Experience is recommending to max out the video settings, but that leads to said 30-60 fps. With most other games those recommended settings worked for me.
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    don;t use the Nvidia gameworks features Nvidia busted that long ago in the drivers
    see the official Nvidia Driver forums
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