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    Damsel in Seamstress missing?

    I started the Damsel in Seamstress mission at the cafe and saw the green area to go to find her. On the way, I detoured to synchronize a viewpoint and also try a co-op mission that was near the viewpoint. After syncing the viewpoint, the green area was gone and so is the Damsel when I go there. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    I have the exact same problem. I just wiped my 20+ hour save because of CE-34878-0. And now this?
    I must have the worst luck ever...
    edit: Restarting the game got the green blip back up for me - try that if this happens to you!
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    I had to restart at a checkpoint for a main story mission and when it reloaded the green area was back and so was the lady.
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