- Trackmap
- Improve your times table
- WR-Rider-Temple
- Track medal & parts table
- Seasons (40)
- Garage (Bikes 16, Paintjobs 93)
- Home-Shack (Costumes 63)
- Midnight Champs 2017
- Wishlist

273 total
267 on map
194 Seymore and Lotz (World 1)
73 Petrol Falls (World 2)
6 without coordinates
1 comming soon
3 Bunkler (PVP)
  1. Bunny Hop
  2. Sine City
  3. Hill Climb
2 Eventtracks
  1. Rigged Roadway (Agent Event August 2015)
  2. Collapsed Orchard (Rodeo Event September 2015)

# 22.11
- added newest tracks on petrol falls (aus-x-open)
- added latest season
- added newest paintjobs (aus-x-open)
- added videos to all tracks
- all tracks names are correct in each language

--- 2017 ---
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# 16.10
- added newest tracks on petrol falls (bmw event)
- added latest translations (jp, kp & will follow)
- added latest seasons (oktoberfest and tricks & tracks)
- added newest customs and bikes
- new feature for find tracks faster in 260+ "add #search=trackname" for example:
- version 5.5.0
- track excel gettin fixxed
- if you find any bugs, let me know!

# 18.08
- added newest customs (+4) to home-shack
- added one paintjob to garage
- added a ton of youtube videos (thanks yoshiki)
- added newest event list of teams for midnight champs 2017
- added latest season
- rearranged the left sidebar
- version 5.4.0

# 08.08
- added "sun-tan" #36 season
- added newest tracks to petrol falls (rally & reputation)

- synced all track data with game data (times & parts)
- next steps:
- update bikes and paintjobs
- update customs
- add new season & tracks of comming event

# 17.06
- added "rally" #35 season
- added newest tracks to petrol falls (rabbit hell, swamp breath)

- updatet garage and home-shack

# 16.05
- added "inked" #34 season
- added newest event easter hunt
- added also newest tracks of easter event

# 14.03
- added "scorched" #32 season
- fixxed track tiers on petrol and falls

- new home-shack (not finished, preparation for bonxy page with the uplay data)

# 06.03
- added all tracks with their data
- refactored detail gallery modal on trackmap
- all seasons are up-to-date
- fixxed filtering between world switch

# 04.01
- added season #29 snowman and #30 afterparty
- added Torn Canyon & Cold Cut Corner out of season rewards
updated the wishlist

-- 2016 ---
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# 28.11
- added last midnight circuit tracks and their data

# 03.11
- added newest season #28
- added all midnight circuit tracks
- added all paintjobs and customes

# 04.10
- updates on wishlist
- new season added #27 organic and its rewards

- newest track "Safe Escape" added and its data (times and parts)
- newest paintjobs added to the garage

# 03.10
- new page wishlist
- added i18n for spanish (thanks
- some fixxes

# 02.09
- added 2 new bunker tracks "Longshot Lake" & "Overdose"

# 01.09
- added newest season
- added 3 new tracks out from gift and newest season price
- fixxed modal content maxWidth

- added newest paintjobs to garage

# 13.07
- fixxed all issues due new filter for trackmap
- all customes added http://trialstrackmap.sb-f.de/wardrobe.html
- all paintjobs added http://trialstrackmap.sb-f.de/garage.html
- feshy release

# 05.07
- added all known treasure pieces http://trialstrackmap.sb-f.de/#filterCat=treasure
- a new category filter in sidebar
- bug fixxes

# 30.06
- fixxed myPercent in improvetable
- fixxed performance on trackmap
- reorganized sidebars
- new wardrobe is online

# 17.06
- add german tracknames
- leaderboard percent cell (data from tf.lforo)

# 12.06
- add donkey and crazy world records
- also import donky and crazy personal records via tf.lforo.com
- new features for improve table
- active season now on sidebar on trackmap
- trackmap search results marked with circle on map

# 07.06
- add stallions paintjobs to garage
- add to one leaked track "prod28 ukkis 1" a new startline and video

# 01.06
- fixxed ulitmate time calculation

# 25.05
- added import for tf.lforo data
- added new track "Metal Mayhem" and his data
- added newest season "Ninja Season"
- adde the ultimate time (algorithmbei xitooner)

# 16.05
- added WR-Times from tf.lforo with bike informations to improveTable
- new wr-rider-temple with data from tf.lforo- new filter top navigation
- fixxed many issues for trackmap

# 09.05
- added "Expedition Season" and its prices
- i18n updates for french (
FR-GSpiritz) and spanish (Vassagopk)
- paintjobs order for tlforo fixxed
- medal times for some tracks corrected (

# 08.04
- added new page
http://trialstrackmap.sb-f.de/sprites.html for all paintjobs

# 05.04
- all tracks are up to date
- all seasons are up to date
- new paintjob handling
- some intern fixxes

# 02.04
- add new "KTM season"
- added newest KTM event tracks

# 23.02
- fixxed flickering at new world (thanks to FenchelT)
- changed pr (portuguese) to br (brazilian)

# 19.02
- add ferries for a world switch
- add KTM tracks

# 08.02
- added new season "candy rush"

# 23.01
- WR-Rider-Temple update, now with sorting and better overview
- "myjson.com" (online storage for our times) is down and the page has the fallback to local and backup files
please export your times to a json file for your own backup!
i let you know when the service is online
- usability changes for the right sidebar
- css fixxes for wr-rider-temple and improve-table

# 20.01
- newest season "Battlefield" added
- 3 new videos from PL-k4kshi

# 17.01
- new spanish translation from Vassagopk
- fixxed print version
- new youtube videos from PL-k4kshi

# 05.01
- added new track "sled loading bay" and its data
- added newest season "blitz IV"
- fixxed issues

--- 2015 ---
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# 27.12- add new track "workshop path" and its data- fixxed search in table# 17.12- add new track "slick slalom" and its data (parts, time)- add new season "christmas season"# 12.12- all new gift tracks of christmas added- also all part and times of new tracks- new printed version- fixxed checkboxes in dialogs (newTime opener at myRank and in export for auto export)- some refactoring at pinch/pan on trackmap# 10.12- new christmas categorie- added first tracks "skater paradise"# 30.11- new translation: pt, ru and es are up to date# 26.11MEGA UPDATE- new dialogs for improve table Improve your times table- new cells for WR-Rider-Temple WR-Rider-Temple- new pinch/pan (zoom/drag) handling for the trackmap Trackmap- many many bug fixxes here and there- every setting like last map position or last sorting in the table is stored in your browser# 20.11- collected all new tracks "hardcore trackpack 3" and repositionized all the bunker tracks- new features for improvement table- backup data online- new mygoal cell- better print table- !!NEW!! "WR-Rider-Temple"# 12.11- collected all new tracks, times and part informations of halloween event 2015- fixxed many bugs- new database- new deployment- tracks a know able to have more than one youtube video- !!NEW!! "improve your time" table# 22.10- added new track "crow roofs"- fixxed part list in modal# 18.10- new halloween tracks added (5 missed)- new stats sidebar where tracks are openable- i18n update (en, de & fr)# 15.10- added new tracks for "halloween" event- named tracks in stats overview on right sidebar# 09.10- added "amusement pit", his parts and time infos- also fixxed part infos for "gem quarry"- added "rodeo season"# 05.10- update es file thanks vassaopk- update de file thanks miak kruppatz- changed stats about track counter for the event tracks "collapsed orchard" & "rigged roadway"# 02.10- added "Gem Quarry" and "Amusement Pit" with part infos and times- fixxed image switch for startline pictures# 28.09- added "Big Swing" and "Toxic Harvest" to the map- updated portuguese i18n file thanks HUE-BR# 27.09- huge map update on the left and all tracks reposintionized- new rodeo tracks are added- new hardcore tracks are added- new videos added- all times and parts added- new statistic added to right sidebar- new season added# 02.09- add last track "Villainous Hideout"# 21.08- added new track "barren steps"- updated times and parts# 18.08- added new season "agents"- new prize display at season overview# 11.08- added "rocks off" parts and times informations- new portuguese translation# 04.08- added stats to track amounts in right sidebar- added videos to agent tracks- added new "blitz" season# 28.07- added "forgotten factory" data (location/times/parts)- changed category of "rocks off" from leaked to agent# 22.07- added "rigged roadway" to agent category# 20.07- new category "agents" and first track of it "forgotten factory"- added first leaked track location "rocks-off"- added new videos# 07.07- new season "sunburn" added- new leaked track added to special category# 25.06- all swamp tracks with youtube videos now- new portuguese translation included# 11.06- added "high roller season"- new scroll technic on season overview and smaller icons# 28.05- added 19 new videos- added "summer season" to season page# 18.05- add 4 videos to last winter tracks- add "biltz season 2" to seasons page- some updates on seasons page# 10.05- renamed the track section/category from "secret" to "leaked"- all winter tracks are on map with their part and medal times- new category select on time table# 08.05- add the last for tracks and update the i18n files# 02.05- add 4 new tracks (inclusive parts and times) to map image- 2 new secret tracks- translation for russian, german, spanish and english# 23.04- remove pixel bug (complete merging all screenshots)- add 4 new wintertracks- added over 10 youtube videos# 21.04- italian and spanish translation (thanks davidegirgenti, Vassagopk & AlvaroGC)- friendlist sorted ad seperated via letter of the alphabet- 4 new youtube videos for the first new winter tracks- fixxed youtube player play button bug# 16.04- renew the map enlargement- new positions for the old tracks- starting to collect new snow tracks# 15.04- add level information for slotmachine tracks in there names# 10.04- add russion language- added sticky header to the table for a better overview to see which col which is# 03.04- new seasons page http://trialstrackmap.sb-f.de/seasons.html- category color to each track in times table- bug fixxes# 28.03- new friendlist sync with ubisoft- table for medal times now with new look and feel- addional in table now has icons- all tracks now with fuel, gems and parts informations- parts in table can filtered with two dropdowns- in modal on map is now visible the available parts for each track# 19.02- multilanguage available: english, german and french (if some want his language to the map let know)# 12.02- added new tracks from ios update (bunnyhop, sine city & hillclimb)# 05.02- all track medal times- new category "china" and the first track of it "great wall" are new on map# 13.01- all tracks plat- youtube player for drive through videos (last bunker tracks)- chips amount on every bunker track beside the medal times# 05.01- shows medal times on detail page under headline of each track- search input in sidebar for track search- most of all medal times are collect (for every track the plat time all other is to time intensive)
--- 2014 ---
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# 12.12- added new category for ze bunker and started to collect the new tracks# 18.11- collect many of medal times under http://trialstrackmap.sb-f.de/table-medals.html# 10.11- ui update of sidebars (thanks goes to redlynx head designer)- bugfix for firefox- update friendslist# 06.11- all tracks are plat# 04.11- new platin medals (now there are only 2 gold medal but darkmachine and haunted hallows are a litte bit hard )- data-cube quests images at all tracks- new credit list (thanks to all)# 01.11- all tracks now on map (thanks GhostIALIAS & georgri)- candy quest images at all track locations- 2.5.0 map version is now up to date- list of all tracks with hover pointer (right sidebar)- also a collection pointer for categories and tiers (left sidebar)- startline pictures for each track from flooodi's thread are intergrated in a modal that show when u click on the track

@jyjeyzx thanks for track locations on map for bunker tracks
@flooodi thanks for pictures
@chabonator thanks for colors
@xitooner thanks for the slotmachine levels
@all three guys, you are named under credits

i hope you like it.

has anyone wishes or suggestions? than post it!

cheers dutscher