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    editor personal fvorite folder, freeze the game

    i remember seeing that problem post, but can't find the place...

    i probably got a to big element save in my favorite object.
    every time i try to enter the folder the game freeze.
    i don't even ave the time to erase it, or go fast to group 2.

    (the element is the first on the list of group 1 folder ... and i got around 7 like that )


    what can i do ?
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    uninstall and reinstall the game ?
    will i loose something... save track ?
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    i have the same problem and many others, too...
    you could delete your savefile, but everything would be gone then.
    the best way to avoid the freeze is to save a new favorite with name 000 or something, that shows up first in the list. this is not a real solution for the problem, but better than nothing.
    the devs should know about this problem (SINCE LAUNCH 6 MONTHS AGO!!!) and will hopefully add a small menu to delete the favorites with no need to load them first
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    000 ! of course

    thank, group 1 is dead but at least i can can go to group2 and etc...
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    I\ve just encountered this problem on PS4. And my game crashes as soon as I hit the favorites menu option. The only thing I can do is shut down the game and restart if. I really don't want to have to stay away from the favorite folder.

    My logic that I saved in there is not complicated at all, so it can\t be that issue of it being to big.

    It\s merely a hit trigger , a few state events, some filters and an effect, that\s all I saved the last time I used it.

    So It would be great is someone have a non destructive solution for this issue.
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