I am running through a second time, and decided to collect info on this, since we always seem to get questions about when a track becomes available, etc.

Like the Bike Requirements thread, if anyone should level up their slots, please take a minute to record/report what you see. Because I really doubt I myself will make it all the way to 30.

Collecting info: Remember that you can free to click on any of the reward info that is reported right then, and it will give you more info if you do so. "Crazy Coin" really isnt useful to me; click on it and get the number please. Overall, I am trying to do the interesting stuff, and not really list all the minor details (ie 1000 coins -> 2000 coins, etc)

Major (Blue) Rewards: Those are the ones with blue backgrounds; ie the ones that show up above the slots.
Minor (Red) Rewards: Those are the ones with red backgrounds, that will be placed in the slot entries themselves.

Thanks for contributions from: Beeker4, CAD4202014, CagBall, Ch4er0n, flooodi, Flippant9, MartinUchiha, sriskus and Tambah

NOTE: Trash Tops sometimes is not really Trash Tops If you click on the name it will bring up further descriptions which might say (for example) "Trash Tops Reveal the hidden location of Quagmire".... when it does that its really Quagmire.

Slot Level Track Rewards Notable Major(Blue) Rewards Notable Minor(Red) Rewards
1 Flooded Highway
2 Backyard Catwalk
3 Gladiator Pants, 10K Triple Gem(10 gems),Large Slot XP(50)
4 The Waterwheel Triple Fuel, Super Magnet
5 Wolf Den Full Fuel Refill (never see these?)
6 Fire Oasis 600,900
7 Steeple Run Wasp paint job, Butcher Pants, Butcher Shirt, Crazy Gems(15), 40K
8 Casino Rooftop 20K Double Super Magnet
9 Wood Switch City Marine paint job, Super Magnet(2)
10 Coaster Canyon
11 Buzzsaw Paradise
12 The Pendulum 25K
13 Balance Avenue 10K 10K
14 Arch Ruins Rarified Fuel, 6K, 7.5K
15 15K, 25K
16 Risky Rooftops, Troll Lair 60K
17 Hilltop Ghetto, Quagmire 15K
18 Trash Tops 10K 2.7K
19 30K,50K
20 8K
21 30K 1500,40K
22 15K 3K,60K
23 25K,80K
24 10K 1650,50K
25 3.3k, 70K
26 600, 4.5k
27 35K 80K
28 20K 5.5K,60K
29 2.2K
30 40K,100K (nerfed now to 40K, 70K) 1K, 90K (nerfed now to just 1k)