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    Hi gang newbee here coming from a 3D animation background this one is just an absolute no brainer to me. Why can't we move objects in one axis only??

    Select y up and move only up, Select x and move only in in X

    Am I missing something, or isn't here a way to move object really slow to line them up?
    It takes me literally minutes going back and forth to place a ramp to connect to the previous piece. Either I move it to far, to short and then to far again.

    I also would like a easier way to animate stuff.
    Again coming from animation in Maya, animation in Trials is extremely user unfriendly.
    he learning curve isn't steep, it's like ascending mount Everest in a wheel chair hard.

    I'd like a box that shows the objects XYZ values both for translation and rotation then you just tell the editor to store the location of that object and then move it and store a next point. I know there most likely wont be a time line to we still have to use CDS sċ set the time. But I believe it's got to be possible to make it easier than it is.

    As I said I'm still very new at this, so there are lots of things I yet don't know about.

    But these are some of my initial thoughts on this. Love the game and the editor even with these short comings.
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    A lot of ideas have already been posted but is something being done with it? This topic is now 4 years old and it seems that no 1 idea is applied yet. I would really like it if there is a option to align and stick 2 identical objects together. Now that takes a lot of time. I am also very happy with the editor because it is very nice to do.
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