story / quests
slot machine (number indicates the level from which the track appears as a prize)
loot wheel
time machine
the bunker (number indicates the price in the chip shop)

Tier 1 (56 tracks)

Parched Cliff
The Cave
Cave Entrance
Three Bridges
Night Life
Pike Alley
Market Street
The Aqueduct
Rocky Desert
Moonlight Towers
Smuggler Tunnel
Rock Wall
Urban Jungle
The Arches
Pipeline Camp
Well Park
Dust Bowl
The Lift
Cannon Ridge
Hinged Pathway
Sunset Dungeon
Flaming Freeway

Flooded Highway (1)
Backyard Catwalk (2)
The Waterwheel (4)
Wolf Den (5)
Fire Oasis (6)
Steeple Run (7)
Casino Rooftops (8)

Barrel Chase
Stilted Path
City Outskirts
Crashed Castle
Diamond Dash

Flower Hills
Buggy Track
Serpent Slough
Frog Village

Rocky Road
Cave Dweller
Road to Ruin

Refinery Abyss
Rotten Railway
Melancholy Temple
Daredevil Paradise
Fault Village
Alpha Street

Pumpkin Patch
Doom Drop

Underground Slopes (200)
Abandoned Mine (500)
Unstable Tunnel (1.000)
Processing Center (1.500)
Cave Crossing (2.500)
Forbidden Path (5.000)

Tier 2 (46 tracks)

Pipe Basin
Burning Bushes
The Beamery
Old City Wall
Lost Playground
Deadwood Valley
Crane Peak
Ghost Town
Steam Quarter
Planks and Mozzies
The Trebuchet
Bouncy Hills
Fort Ruins
Wall Crack
Tree Houses
Lookout Point
The Mill
Spinner's Alley
The Purifier
Great Wall

Wood Switch City (9)
Coaster Canyon (10)
Buzzsaw Paradise (11)
Balance Avenue (13)
Arch Ruins (14)
Risky Rooftops (16)
Hilltop Ghetto (17)

Cannon End
Cracked Plateau
Coal Town
Drifter Valley
Garbage Route
Trapeze Churn
Logging Camp

Marsh Edge
Mushroom Heights
Mud Cakes
Firefly Landing

Terror Tower
Haunted Hallows

Delivery Line (7.500)
Crystal Kingdom (10.000)
Smelting Pots (12.500)
Nightmare Grotto (15.000)
Explosive Storage (17.500)

Tier 3 (29 tracks)

Crane Yard
Sewage Treatment
Desert Gondola
Drop Zone
The Watchers
Lumber Yard
The Tanktops
Trojan Giraffe
The Stacks
Cracked Reservoir
The Refinery
The Grindhouse
Dark Machine

The Pendulum (12)
Troll Lair (16)
The Quagmire (17)
Trash Tops (18)

Sunshine District
Canary Street
Lazy Catapult
Elephant Graveyard
Fang Wall

Monster Lake
Toad Hole

Minecart Dump (20.000)
Wrecked tracks (25.000)
The Shaft (30.000)
Waste Disposal (35.000)
Traction Testground (40.000)

total tracks: 131