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    Originally Posted by IBlubbiI Go to original post
    Hey, i just finished playing every track that gives score and it looks like my score is glitched ^^

    could someone recalculate my score pls?

    Much thanks in advance

    Hello IBlubbiI,
    Recalculation is complete. Please check it out and let me know if it's good now.

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    Originally Posted by Haarmes Go to original post
    Some more cheated / Glitched times

    Ski or Ride (ZIPn01, rusJlan228, The_Cimmerian, [THCS] Disaster0815, Moonzyx, NuramiLurazu, Cardi80)

    Shear Pressure (ZIPn01, rusJlan228, The_Cimmerian, [THCS] Disaster0815, Moonzyx, NuramiLurazu, Cardi80)

    Shivering Isles (rusJlan228, The_Cimmerian, [THCS] Disaster0815, Moonzyx, NuramiLurazu, Cardi80)

    Peak Performance (ZIPn01, rusJlan228, The_Cimmerian, [THCS] Disaster0815, Slon.tarasov, NuramiLurazu, Cardi80)

    Deep Freeze (rusJlan228, The_Cimmerian, [THCS] Disaster0815, Moonzyx, NuramiLurazu, Cardi80)

    Fusion Factory (rusJlan228, The_Cimmerian, [THCS] Disaster0815, Moonzyx, NuramiLurazu, Cardi80)

    Skyscraper Showdown (rusJlan228, The_Cimmerian, [THCS] Disaster0815, Moonzyx, NuramiLurazu)

    Park and Ride (rusJlan228, The_Cimmerian, [THCS] Disaster0815, Moonzyx, NuramiLurazu)

    Blimb My Ride (rusJlan228, The_Cimmerian, [THCS] Disaster0815, Moonzyx, NuramiLurazu)

    Marina Mania (rusJlan228, The_Cimmerian, [THCS] Disaster0815, Moonzyx, NuramiLurazu, Cardi80)

    Road to Ruin ([THCS] Disaster0815, Moonzyx, NuramiLurazu)

    Stormtrooper ([THCS] Disaster0815, Moonzyx, NuramiLurazu)

    Sunrise Dash ([THCS] Disaster0815, Moonzyx, Cardi80)

    Base Invader (DrZapHD, Moonzyx, Cardi80)

    Around The Oasis (AceIn1, Moonzyx, NuramiLurazu)

    Bungalow Beach ([THCS] Disaster0815, Moonzyx, NuramiLurazu)

    Swamp Crash ([THCS] Disaster0815, Slon.tarasov, NuramiLurazu, Psykopunks12, DrZapHD)

    Temple Trouble ([THCS] Disaster0815, Moonzyx)

    Tropic Storm ([THCS] Disaster0815, Moonzyx, NuramiLurazu)

    Rocky Road (ZIPn01, [THCS] Disaster0815, SubSonix, NuramiLurazu, Moonzyx, Slon.tarasov)

    Eco Park (ZIPn01, [THCS] Disaster0815, SubSonix, NuramiLurazu, Moonzyx, Slon.tarasov)

    Icebreaker (Cardi80, [THCS] Disaster0815, SubSonix, NuramiLurazu, Moonzyx, Slon.tarasov)

    Cold Storage (ZIPn01, SubSonix, NuramiLurazu, Cardi80)

    Expedition (ZIPn01, SubSonix, NuramiLurazu, Cardi80, Moonzyx)

    Cave Dweller (StonewarP91, [THCS] Disaster0815, Slon.tarasov, Cardi80)

    Covert Ops (Moonzyx)

    The Greater Crater (SubSonix)

    Hornet's Nest ([THCS] Disaster0815, Moonzyx, DrZapHD, Slon.tarasov)

    Junkyard Funk ([THCS] Disaster0815, Slon.tarasov)

    Rags to Riches ([THCS] Disaster0815, Peter.Bink)

    Gone Clubbin' (Slon.tarasov)

    Eden (Slon.tarasov)

    Stratosphere (Slon.tarasov)

    Winter Getaway (Peter.bink)

    Depth Disturbance (Slon.tarasov)

    The Rabbit Hole (Slon.tarasov)

    Titan Causeway (Slon.tarasov)

    The Long Haul (Slon.tarasov)

    Dead Reckoning (Slon.tarasov)

    The Vestibule (Slon.tarasov)

    Primordial Peak (Slon.tarasov)

    Tectonic Jolt (Slon.tarasov)

    Section -47 (Slon.tarasov)

    Downtown Fracture (Slon.tarasov)

    Megalopolis (Slon.tarasov, Peter.Bink)

    Docking Bay (Slon.tarasov)

    Glitch in the System (Peter.Bink)

    Clone Facility (Peter.Bink)

    Farcaster (Peter.Bink)

    Mech Unleashed (Peter.Bink)

    Force Majeure (Slon.tarasov)

    Forgotten Peak (Slon.tarasov)

    Overflow (Slon.tarasov)

    Storm Chaser (Slon.tarasov)

    Dust Bowl (Slon.tarasov)

    Elysian Skies (Cardi80, Peter.Bink)

    Fish & Ships (Cardi80)

    Invasion (Cardi80)

    Hades Departure (Cardi80)
    Thanks Haarmes
    I will try to clean them in next couple of days.

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    Hey Haarmes,

    Once again thank you for your report. Clean-up is complete.
    Please take a look and let me know if everything is ok.

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    Originally Posted by BenShermanUbi Go to original post
    Hello IBlubbiI,
    Recalculation is complete. Please check it out and let me know if it's good now.

    Hey Ben, yes everything looks fine now, thank you very much
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    Did another pass on PC Leaderboard

    Turbine Terror (Haseo-EX, Debjit_M., Shatteredofdawn, Madmanirish_, Drasdor, infiniti9xx, VGN_tafelfisch, Ultrabubi, BBfenrir, Xiballba)

    Waterworks (Haseo-EX, Debjit_M., Shatteredofdawn, Madmanirish_, Drasdor, infiniti9xx, Ultrabubi, ALIEN.RU, Axothic, Xiballba)

    Observatory (Haseo-EX, Debjit_M., Shatteredofdawn, Madmanirish_, Drasdor, infiniti9xx, Ultrabubi, ALIEN.RU, Djsilver_1978uk, bfenrir)

    Dirt Derby (Haseo-EX, Debjit_M., Shatteredofdawn, Madmanirish_, Drasdor, Ultrabubi, ALIEN.RU, Djsilver_1978uk, infiniti9xx )

    Cliffhanger (Haseo-EX, Debjit_M., Shatterdofdawn, Alien.RU, DJsilver_1978uk, Ultrabubi, Infiniti9xx, Madmanirish_, VGN_tafelfisch)

    Ski or Ride (Haseo-EX, benschg, Debjit_M., Shatterdofdawn, Pointer012, DJsilver_1978uk, Ultrabubi, Infiniti9xx, Drasdor, Laurent1969a, VGN_tafelfisch, bfenrir, ALIEN.RU)

    Shear Pressure (Haseo-EX, Debjit_M., VGN_tafelfisch, bfenrir, Shatterdofdawn, Drasdor, Ultrabubi, DJsilver_1978uk, ALIEN.RU, infiniti9xx, Madmanirish_

    Shivering Isles (Haseo-EX, Debjit_M., benschg, Reinhart669, Shatterdofdawn, Ultrabubi, DJsilver_1978uk, Drasdor, Wapith13, Laurent1969a, Madmanirish_, ALIEN.RU)

    Peak Performance (Haseo-EX, Debjit_M., benschg, Shatterdofdawn, infiniti9xx, ALIEN.RU, Ultrabubi, Madmanirish_,)

    Deep Freeze (Haseo-EX, Drasdor, DJsilver_1978uk, Debjit_M., benschg, Shatterdofdawn, infiniti9xx, ALIEN.RU, Ultrabubi, Madmanirish_,)

    Skyrscraper Showdown (Haseo-EX, Drasdor, Shatterdofdawn, MrTheDamon, Debjit_M., Ultrabudie, infiniti9xx,)

    Park and Ride (Haseo-EX, Debjit_M., Drasdor, Shatterdofdawn, Wapith13, Debjit_M., Ultrabudie, infiniti9xx,)

    Blimb my Ride (Haseo-EX, Bfenrir, Debjit_M., Drasdor, Shatterdofdawn, Wapith13, Debjit_M., Ultrabudie, infiniti9xx,)

    Marina Mania (Haseo-EX, Debjit_M., Shatterdofdawn, Madmanirish_, Xiballba, Ultrabubi, Muedi, infiniti9xx, Wapith13, Drasdor, Joker_AK_47)

    Road to Ruin (Haseo-EX, Shatterdofdawn, Debjit_M., infiniti9xx, Madmanirish_, Ultrabubi, Drasdor,)

    Stormtrooper (Haseo-EX, Shatterdofdawn, Debjit_M., MrTheDamon, infiniti9xx, Muedi, Wapith13, Ultrabubi, Drasdor,)

    Sunrise Dash (Haseo-EX, Debjit_M., Santa_gG, Muedi, MrTheDamon, Infiniti9xx, Drasdor, Ultrabubi, Bigmusic2010, Shatteredofdawn,)

    Base Invader (Debjit_M., Shatteredofdawn, Ultrabubi, Infiniti9xx, MrTheDamon, Wapith13, Drasdor, Bigmusic2010)

    Around the Oasis (Haseo-EX, Debjit_M. Shatteredofdawn, Infiniti9xx, Drasdor, Ultrabubi, Muedi, MrTheDamon, Bigmusic2010)

    Bungalow Beach (Haseo-EX, Debjit_M.m Mrthedamon, Drasdor, Bigmusic2010, Wapith13, Infiniti9xx, Ultrabubi, Muedi, Santa_gG)

    Swamp Crash (Haseo-EX, debjit_M. Mrthedamon, Muedi, Drasdow, Wapith13, Ultrabubi, infiniti9xx, Bigmusic2010)

    Temple Trouble (Haseo-EX, debjit_M., Infiniti9xx, Drador, Ultrabubi, Muedi, MrTheDamon,)

    Tropic Storm (Haseo-EX, Debjit_M., MrTheDamon, Ultrabubi, Muedi, Infiniti9xx, Drasdor, Wapith13)

    Rocky Road (Haseo-EX, Debjit_M., Bigmusic2010, Infiniti9xx, Machine4578, MrTheDamon, Madmanirish_, Ultrabubi, Rangeview, Drasdor)

    Eco Park (Haseo-EX, Debjit_M., Bigmusic2010, Infiniti9xx, MrTheDamon, Ultrabubi, Rangeview, Drasdor)

    Icebreaker (Haseo-EX, Debjit_M., Bigmusic2010, Infiniti9xx, Ultrabubi, Rangeview, Drasdor)

    Cold Storage (Debjit_M., Bigmusic2010, Infiniti9xx, Ultrabubi, Rangeview, Drasdor)

    Expedition (Debjit_M., Bigmusic2010, Infiniti9xx, Ultrabubi, Drasdor)

    Cave Dweller (Debjit_M., Drasdor, Ultrabubi, Rangeview, Wapith13, Madmanirish_, Bigmusic2010, Machine4578)

    Covert Ops (Debjit_M., Drasdor, Ultrabubi, Rangeview, Bigmusic2010, Infiniti9xx)

    Mind The Gap (Debjit_M., Drasdor, Ultrabubi, Rangeview, Bigmusic2010, Infiniti9xx)

    Redlynx Derby (Debjit_M., Drasdor, Ultrabubi, Bigmusic2010, Infiniti9xx ozVetnik)

    Jungle Gymkhana (Debjit_M., Drasdor, Ultrabubi, Bigmusic2010, Infiniti9xx)

    The Greater Crater (Debjit_M., Drasdor, Ultrabubi, Bigmusic2010, Infiniti9xx, Bfenrir)

    Eye of the storm (pointer012 Drasdor, Infiniti9xx, Ultrabubi)

    Rock of Rages (infiniti9xx)

    Light city run (infiniti9xx)

    Frost bite (infiniti9xx)

    inferno 4 (infiniti9xx)

    Hornet's Nest (Debjit_M., Drasdor, Santa_gG, Wapith13, DJsilver_1978uk, Ultrabubi, Muedi, Infiniti9xx)

    Junkyard Funk (Debjit_M., Drasdor, Wapith13, DJsilver_1978uk, Ultrabubi, Muedi, Infiniti9xx)

    Rags to Riches (Debjit_M., Drasdor, Wapith13, Ultrabubi, Infiniti9xx)

    Gone to Waste (Debjit_M., Drasdor, Ultrabubi, Infiniti9xx)

    Whiteout (Ultrabubi, Infiniti9xx)

    Devil's Beak (Infiniti9xx)

    Gone Clubbin' (debjit_M., Wapith13, Infiniti9xx, Drasdor, Ultrabubi)

    Eden (Debjit_M., Wapith13, Infiniti9xx, Drasdor, Ultrabubi)

    Stratosphere (Debjit_M., Wapith13, Infiniti9xx, Drasdor)

    Winter Getaway (ultrabubi, Infiniti9xx, Drasdor)

    The Substratum (ultrabubi, Infiniti9xx, debjit_M.)

    Depth Disturbance (Debjit_M., Ultrabubi, Wapith13, Infiniti9xx)

    The Rabbit Hole (Debjit_M., Ultrabubi, Wapith13, Drasdor)

    Titan Causeway (Debjit_M., Infiniti9xx, Wapith13, Ultrabubi, Drasdor)

    The Long Haul (Debjit_M., Infiniti9xx, Ultrabubi, Drasdor)

    Dead Reckoning (Debjit_M., Infiniti9xx, Ultrabubi, Drasdor, Wapith13)

    Enter Atlantis (Debjit_M., Infiniti9xx, Ultrabubi, Drasdor,)

    Anchien Machine (Debjit_M., Infiniti9xx, Ultrabubi, Drasdor,)

    Delunge (Infiniti9xx)

    The Vestibule (Debjit_M., Ultrabubi, Drasdor, Infiniti9xx, Wapith13)

    Primordial Peak (Debjit_M., Ultrabubi, Drasdor, Infiniti9xx)

    Tectonic Jolt (Debjit_M., Ultrabubi, Drasdor, Infiniti9xx)

    Section -47 (Debjit_M., Ultrabubi, Drasdor, Infiniti9xx)

    Downtown Fracture (Debjit_M., Ultrabubi, Drasdor, Infiniti9xx)

    Bottom Dweller (Debjit_M., Drasdor, Infiniti9xx)

    Deeper Underground (Debjit_M., Drasdor, Infiniti9xx)

    Iron Incendiary (Drasdor, Infiniti9xx)

    Charred Remains (Infiniti9xx)

    Megalopolis (debjit_M., Drasdor)

    Docking Bay (debjit_M., Drasdor, Infiniti9xx)

    Retrospective (debjit_M., Drasdor, Infiniti9xx)

    Glitch in the System (debjit_M., Drasdor, Infiniti9xx)

    Clone Facility (debjit_M., Drasdor, Infiniti9xx)

    Farcaster (debjit_M., Drasdor, Infiniti9xx)

    Mech Unleashed (Infiniti9xx)

    Robot Wasteland (Infiniti9xx)

    Force Majeure (Santa_gG, debjit_M., Drasdor, Infiniti9xx)

    Forgotten Peak (debjit_M., Drasdor, Infiniti9xx)

    Overflow (debjit_M., Drasdor, Infiniti9xx)

    Storm Chaser (debjit_M., Drasdor, Infiniti9xx)

    Dust Bowl (debjit_M., Drasdor, Infiniti9xx)

    Radiation Sickness (Infiniti9xx)

    Static Discharge (Infiniti9xx)

    Elysian Skies (debjit_M.)

    Fish & Ships (debjit_M.)

    Invasion (debjit_M.)

    Hades Departure (debjit_M.)

    Neo Bradford (debjit_M.)
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    Did another sweep on PC LB's.... no track was spared this time it seems

    Thanks in advance

    Turbine Terror (FamilyCoot5, KeeganRossTV, Charizard57, Pignoz97, Infiniti9xx, Tantricmac, SinVansant2, TheLastKensei, ondra_1980, Shahwiqar)

    Waterworks (GhostSasha28, KeeganRossTV, FamilyCoot5, Don_francisco92, Charizard57, ondra_1980, Shahwiqar, Tantricmac, Infiniti9xx, moveslow, Haseo-EX)

    Observatory (KeeganRossTV, FamilyCoot5, Charizard57, Shahwiqar, Gurki1978, LamiaVarrag, ondra_1980, Infiniti9xx, FunJy.com, Tantricmac, GhostSasha28, moveslow)

    Dirt Derby (FamilyCoot5, KeeganRossTV, FunJy.com, Shahwiqar, Charizard57, Infiniti9xx, Tantricmac, igor_SPQR, KawaiiiiNickky, ondra_1980, Gebertunzo)

    Cliffhanger (Gebertunzo, FamilyCoot5, KeeganRossTV, Charizard57, Infiniti9xx, igor_SPQR, ondra_1980, Tantricmac, KawaiiiiNickky, Haseo-EX)

    Ski or Ride (FamilyCoot5, Chris2771, KeeganRossTV, Infiniti9xx, Tantricmac, ondra_1980, KawaiiiiNickky, Gurki1978, Haseo-EX)

    Shear Pressure (GhostSasha28, KeeganRossTV, FamilyCoot5, Fourteentoone, Tantricmac, Infiniti9xx, KawaiiiiNickky, ondra_1980, Gurki1978, Haseo-EX)

    Shivering Isles (GhostSasha28, FamilyCoot5, KeeganRossTV, FunJy.com, Chris2771, Gurki1978, ondra_1980, Shahwiqar, KawaiiiiNickky, Infiniti9xx, Tantricmac)

    Peak Performance (Teruys, LamiaVarrag, FamilyCoot, Don_Francisco92, Funjy.com, KeeganRossTV, Joelbnc, GhostSasha28, Gebertunzo, Infiniti9xx, Gurki1978, Shahwiqar, Tantricmac, KawaiiiiNickky, Colossos__2012, Haseo-EX, Sirogabober)

    Deep Freeze (GhostSasha28, FamilyCoot, KeeganRossTV, LamiaVarrag, Don_Francisco92, FunJy.com, KawaiiiiNickky, Sirogabober, Gurki1978, Infiniti9xx, SinVansant2, Colossos__2012, Tantricmac, Shahwiqar, Haseo-EX)

    Fusion Factory (FamilyCoot5, Disaster0815, Gurki1978, Sirogabober, Colossos__2012, KeeganRossTV, Shahwiqar, Infiniti9xx, crv59500)

    Skyrscraper Showdown (FunJy.com, Joelbnc, FamilyCoot5, KeeganRossTV, ondra_1980, Colossos__2012, crv59500, Chris2771, Gurki1978, Arthur_GRX, Infiniti9xx, Haseo_EX)

    Park and Ride (FunJy.com, KeeganRossTV, Joelbnc, FamilyCoot5, Gebertunzo, Shahwiqar, Colossos__2012, Gurki1978, Arthur_GRX, Infiniti9xx, ondra_1980)

    Blimb my Ride (Joelbnc, KeeganRossTV, FamilyCoot5, FunJy.com, Gurki1978, ondra_1980, Infiniti9xx, Shahwiqar, Gebertunzo)

    Marina Mania (FunJy.com, GhostSasha28, FamilyCoot5, KeeganRossTV, Joelbnc, Chris2771, Shahwiqar, Infiniti9xx, Colossos__2012, Gurki1978, Arthur_GRX, Sub200, ondra_1980, Haseo-EX)

    Road to Ruin (Hardy-1991, FunJy.com, KeeganRossTV, Chris2771, ondra_1980, Gurki1978, Shahwiqar, Infiniti9xx, Gebertunzo)

    Stormtrooper (FunJy.com, FamilyCoot5, Chris2771, KeeganRossTV, Hardy-1991, ondra_1980, Gurki1978, Infiniti9xx, Shahwiqar, Gebertunzo)

    Sunrise Dash (Hardy-1991, FunJy.com, KeeganRossTV, Gurki1978, crv59500, Infiniti9xx, Shahwiqar, ondra_1980)

    Base Invader (FunJy.com, Hardy-1991, Teruys, Shahwiqar, crv59500, Gurki1978, Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5, Aalian, ondra_1980, Gebertunzo)

    Around the Oasis (FunJy.com, KeeganRossTV, crv59500, Hardy-1991, Gurki1978, FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx, Shahwiqar, Aalian, Gebertunzo, Haseo-EX)

    Bungalow Beach (KeeganRossTV, Hardy-1991, FunJy.com, ondra_1980, Shahwiqar, FamilyCoot5, Gurki1978, Gebertunzo, Colossos__2012, Infiniti9xx, Aalian)

    Swamp Crash (FunJy.com, Hardy-1991, Shahwiqar, Infiniti9xx, Gurki1978, Colossos__2012, Aalian, Gebertunzo, FamilyCoot5, ondra_1980)

    Temple Trouble (Hardy-1991, FunJy.com, Gebertunzo, ondra_1980, Gurki1978, Infiniti9xx, Shahwiqar, FamilyCoot5, Colossos__2012)

    Tropic Storm (FunJy.com, Hardy-1991, Shoot.Nik, Gurki1978, FamilyCoot5, Gebertunzo, Colossos__2012, Shahwiqar, Infiniti9xx)

    Rocky Road (FunJy.com, Hardy-1991, FamilyCoot5, Shahwiqar, Infiniti9xx, latvn14, Gebertunzo, Colossos__2012, Shoot.Nik, Aalian)

    Eco Park (Hardy-1991, FunJy.com, FamilyCoot5, Aalian, Infiniti9xx, latvn14, Shoot.Nik, Colossos__2012)

    Icebreaker (FunJy.com, Hardy-1991, FamilyCoot5, Shahwiqar, latvn14, Infiniti9xx, Shoot.Nik, Gebertunzo)

    Cold Storage (Hardy-1991, FunJy.com, latvn14, Shoot.Nik, Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5)

    Expedition (Hardy-1991, FunJy.com, FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx, Shoot.Nik, latvn14)

    Cave Dweller (Hardy-1991, Shahwiqar, FamilyCoot5, Charizard57, Infiniti9xx, latvn14)

    Covert Ops (Hardy-1991, FunJy.com, latvn14, FamilyCoot5, Charizard57, Infiniti9xx)

    Mind The Gap (FunJy.com, Hardy-1991, latvn14, FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx, moveslow)

    Redlynx Derby (moveslow, Hardy-1991, FunJy.com, Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5, latvn14)

    Jungle Gymkhana (Hardy-1991, FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx, latvn14)

    The Greater Crater (Hardy-1991, FunJy.com, FamilyCoot5, Disaster0815, Shahwiqar, Infiniti9xx, SinVansant2, Latvn14, Teruys)

    Eye of the storm (moveslow, Hardy-1991, FunJy.com, farmercop, Latvn14, Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5)

    Rock of Rages (moveslow, Infiniti9xx)

    Light city run (moveslow, Infiniti9xx)

    Frost bite (moveslow, Infiniti9xx)

    inferno 4 (moveslow, Infiniti9xx)

    Hornet's Nest (Hardy-1991, SinVansant2, Colossos__2012, Sub200, ondra_1980, Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5, moveslow)

    Junkyard Funk (Hardy-1991, Sub200, FamilyCoot5, ondra_1980, Infiniti9xx, moveslow, Colossos_2012, FunJy.com)

    Rags to Riches (Hardy-1991, Shahwiqar, Colossos__2012, Sub200, FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx, moveslow)

    Gone to Waste (Hardy-1991, FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx, moveslow)

    Whiteout (moveslow, Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5, Tantricmac)

    Devil's Beak (moveslow, Infiniti9xx)

    Gone Clubbin' (FamilyCoot5, Sub200, Gurki1978, ondra_1980, Infiniti9xx)

    Eden (FamilyCoot5, Gurki1978, Infiniti9xx, ondra_1980, moveslow)

    Stratosphere (FunJy.com, Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5, Gurki1978, moveslow)

    Winter Getaway (moveslow, Infiniti9xx)

    The Substratum (FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx, moveslow)

    Way of the Machine (moveslow, Infiniti9xx)

    Depth Disturbance (Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5, Shahwiqar, Disaster0815, moveslow)

    The Rabbit Hole (Infiniti9xx, Disaster0815, FamilyCoot5,)

    Titan Causeway (moveslow, Disaster0815, FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx)

    The Long Haul (Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5, Disaster0815, moveslow)

    Dead Reckoning (moveslow, Disaster0815, FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx)

    Enter Atlantis (moveslow, Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5)

    Anchien Machine (FamilyCoot5, moveslow, Infiniti9xx)

    Delunge (moveslow, Infiniti9xx)

    The Vestibule (FamilyCoot5, moveslow, Infiniti9xx)

    Primordial Peak (Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5, moveslow)

    Tectonic Jolt (FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx, moveslow)

    Section -47 (moveslow, FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx)

    Downtown Fracture (Infiniti9xx, moveslow, FamilyCoot5)

    Bottom Dweller (moveslow, FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx)

    Deeper Underground (FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx, moveslow)

    Iron Incendiary (Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5, moveslow)

    Charred Remains (Infiniti9xx, moveslow)

    Megalopolis (FamilyCoot5, moveslow)

    Docking Bay (moveslow, Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5)

    Retrospective (moveslow, Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5)

    Glitch in the System (Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5)

    Clone Facility (FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx, moveslow)

    Farcaster (FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx, moveslow)

    Mech Unleashed (Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5, moveslow)

    Robot Wasteland (moveslow, Infiniti9xx)

    Force Majeure (FamilyCoot5, ondra_1980, Disaster0815, Infiniti9xx)

    Forgotten Peak (FamilyCoot5, ZeSpark, Disaster0815, ondra_1980, Infiniti9xx)

    Overflow (FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx, Disaster0815)

    Storm Chaser (FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx, Disaster0815, moveslow)

    Dust Bowl (FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx, Disaster0815)

    Radiation Sickness (Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5)

    Static Discharge (FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx, moveslow)

    Meteorain (Infiniti9xx)

    Elysian Skies (FamilyCoot5, Shahwiqar, Infiniti9xx)

    Fish & Ships (Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5)

    Invasion (Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5)

    Hades Departure (Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5)

    Neo Bradford (Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5, Shahwiqar)

    Seismic Activity (Shahwiqar, FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx)

    The Last of the Robots (FamilyCoot5)

    Boron City (Infiniti9xx, Shahwiqar, FamilyCoot5)

    Trials of Ice and Fire (FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx)

    Adelopodia 9 (Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5)

    Borne Legend (FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx)

    Tin Town (FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx)

    Sleepy Creek (Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5)

    Frontside Ollie (Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5)

    Subterranean (Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5)

    Ghost Town (FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx)

    Short Circuit (FamilyCoot5, Infiniti9xx)

    Extraterrestrial (Infiniti9xx)

    Breakwater Harbour (Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5)

    Dark Carnival (Infiniti9xx, FamilyCoot5)

    Alca-Trialz (moveslow, Infiniti9xx)
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