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    Thank you for all the feedback and comments guys! .... NEW TRACK! Called Lost Civilization.
    I ran into some really weird bugs towards the end, like I had to delete trees because the leaves wouldn't render until you were really close etc.. I hope the track runs without problems and doesn't lag or anything on other platforms.

    Tell me what you think about it people!

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    Uploaded 3 tracks recently, more coming soon.

    Way of Siperia is a fast build I made in a few days and was inspired by Way of the Ninja from Evo and Reality Check from HD. The Plaza is a redo of my first Fusion track I released on 360 4 days after release.
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    New track, Petroleum !

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    Moi Souzr, Had to come here to compliment Petroleum, for me this is the best track ive played on fusion and the reason your one of my favourite builders, everything about it is quality! driveline, theme, lighting all perfect, this is one of the few tracks ive played that could easy fit in with the in game tracks. managed top 5 on Xbone - sure it wont last! kiitos for making it, great to see you building again.
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    Wow! Kiitos to you Pure Evil. You're also one of my favorite builders so the fact that such praise is coming from you means a lot to me.. dunno what else to say so....

    New track - Plastic Beach

    Once again I hope it runs ok on the consoles, difficult to know when i'm on PC.I took out the headlight on the bike just in case. Nothing crossed red on statistics overlay but I heard a lot of shadows especially from trees near the driveline can cause lag so i don't know.
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    Caught up on all your builds on console. They run smooth with no slowdown on X1S. Nice to see an old timer still going. Keep up the good work mate.
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    New track ''Chiron'' released.

    So... I was away for 6 months in the Finnish army, but i'm back now! I started this build in December and I hope you like it, this kind of theme has always been my favorite.
    Again I hope it performs ok on the consoles, I made sure none of the bars went red on statistics overlay but really I have no way of knowing how it will do on consoles since I made it on PC where I get 60 FPS no matter what. Tell me what you think people
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    I accidentally left in a checkpoint at the start of the track for the initial release and only noticed it after release. It bugged me so much I went in an fixed it and released the fixed version under the name ''Chiron_0''. If you see this message then please upvote that version and downvote the first release with the mistake. Thanks.
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    New Track: Rundown
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    New track Toxifusion out video maybe later
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