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    Yes, FB feel different in many ways, than IL2, but most things I noticed are a lot better now, than in the original IL2.

    The mistake most people make is to compare the fully patched IL2 to the initial IL2FB.

    Besides that, most of the issues with the patch I heared of, are not really THAT important and a LOT depends on how you set up your machine. The flap-thing is for sure a set-up problem. People should try different settings and if everything fails, there are a lot of open ears to hear what you did and give you advice what else to try out.

    There are just too many fellas in this forum, who just complain and never think of the possibility, that they could change the setup options for themselves.


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    panther3485 wrote:
    - I felt that FB, if not already better, definitely
    - had the potential to be better when suitably
    - patched. I've not yet managed to download the patch
    - myself (my first attempt timed out).

    Hi, why don't you try downloading it from my site:


    <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="10"><tr valign="middle" bgcolor="#3e463b"><td height="40" colspan="3" align="center">The ongoing IL-2 User's Guide project</a></td></tr><tr bgcolor="#515e2f"><td width="40%">FB engine management:
    Manifold Pressure sucks
    Those Marvelous Props
    Mixture Magic
    Putting It All Together
    Those Fire-Breathing Turbos (Part 1 of 6)</td><td align="center">

    â =69.GIAP=Chapâ

    69.GIAP</p></td><td width="40%" align="right" valign="top">Hardware:
    Flight Simulation Performance Analyzed
    Building a home-made throttle quadrant step by step
    Sound Can Be Hazardous for Games</td></tr></table>
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