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    Vantier's FMX Tutorial

    My Poorly planned out tutorial videos ( Yet Critically acclaimed xD ), will be updated soon after PC release

    Part 1 =
    Part 2 =

    Other FMX video Resources (Redlynx Summary) (French Explanation? i dont know french)

    "Beginner Summary"

    FMX (Freestyle Motocross) is a new feature to the Trials series in which the player is able to perform various tricks to add some flare to their riding, or in an attempt to rack up massive points on specialized FMX tracks. These tricks are most "easily" performed by....
    1. Getting Airborn
    2. Stabilizing the Bike (Stopping its rotation)
    3. Briefly holding the Right Analog Stick in one of the 4 cardinal directions (up, right, down, left)
    Congratulations! you have successfully performed a trick (Hopefully).

    Now if your satisfied with this and have no desire to compete or improve your FMX skill beyond maybe getting some lucky platinum medals, the following section can be ignored, otherwise, continue reading!

    "Advanced Summary"

    14 Base tricks, 2 flip variations for every trick except Proud Hero = 13+(13*2)+1 = 40 Tricks
    ***A Flip variation is achieved by rotating the bike either direction 180* soon after starting the trick.
    4 bike positions
    3 unique tricks per bike position, with 2 exceptions
    Coffin = Universal Trick (Can be done from any bike position)
    Proud Hero = Extra Trick position only achieved in the bikes flat position

    Psycad's "Cheatsheet" - Keep in mind that Coffin can be performed from any bike position (Not just the one displayed), and tricks with multiple arrows would be better thought of as single curved arrows that should be done in one sweeping motion.


    Multiplier - Increased by Locking a Unique Trick. Repeating a trick will give score, but will not add or extend your multiplier

    Locking - Holding a trick long enough for it to register a multiplier and immediate point bonus (I believe 1000 points). A Successful Lock is represented by the displayed trick name turning Orange. The trick can only be changed at this point by either releasing the trick momentarily or rotating the stick into one of the other 3 trick positions.

    Chain - AKA Combo, is the label given to a sequence of tricks locked in rapid succession, all within a single jump. Can be further categorized by...
    ***Length - How many tricks are involved.
    ***Logic - Either "Fluid" or "Broken". A Broken Chain involves reversing the initial rotation of the bike. A Fluid chain does not reverse rotation, and is therefore generally faster and preferred in most scenarios.

    General Strategy
    Now, just in case you've made it this far without even trying it yourself, the ultimate goal of FMX mode is to get the highest score possible.
    So how do we do this and what is the best possible score? Well, much like in normal trials where people like to guess and estimate on what the best possible time on a track can be, this can also be done in FMX........However, IMO there are for more variables to deal with and to much mathematics for me to even bother estimating, so if you wanna know what the best score on an FMX track would look like, go for it yourself....... or just stare in awe at the current #1 time.

    But, Trials is built around competition, so we aren't settling for the current #1 score!
    This is how you should approach going for a #1 time. Helps to note this info down on paper or "notepad".
    1. Figure out the longest trick chain possible on every jump.
    2. Fill in those jumps with possible chains.
    3. Rework the chains if necessary to, if at all possible, ensure that no tricks are ever repeated.
    4. Practice and change as you see necessary.

    Tips and Advice
    *Don't continue after a crash (just dont lol)
    *Never settle for less then a perfect landing (lots of points)
    *Wheelie/Endo at every opportunity without compromising the air time required for your next jump
    *Certain jumps are better suited to certain tricks/chains. For example, the fastest trick to do coming out of the loop on the second fmx track is the underdog.
    *Proud Hero and Coffin IMO are best saved for single trick jumps because they take the longest to setup / lock and dont fit into chains very well.
    *Dont forget about flip variations on tricks, these will allow you to repeat some common chain starters like superman and still get a multiplier for it. Keep in mind that this requires you to rotate 180* from your starting point, which is important to note when you are optimizing chains to be as fluid as possible.

    Scoring Explanation (this is still being looked into and not fully understood yet)

    *Not all tricks give equal points

    Superman: 1700
    Going Up: 1800
    Coffin: 2000
    Going to Heaven: 2000
    Ruler: 2200
    Proud Hero: 2300
    Going to Hell: 2500
    Dead Body: 2800
    Bow: 3000
    Kiss of Death: 3000
    Slash: 3000
    Polevault: 3200
    Underdog: 3200
    Driller: 3300

    *After x11 multiplier, it actually goes to x23 x36 x50 (although the indicator in the top right says otherwise)
    ---Snikachu's explanation for the multipliers above ^
    Spoiler:  Show
    Here's a few updates scores and included sticks (all videos are unlisted due to fact my channel isn't really about trials stuff)
    I also tried putting the videos so you could just click them on the site but couldn't figure out of it sorry..

    Daredevil Showdown 356k

    Titan Temple 571k

    Airtime 958k

    Polar Accelerator 561k

    Here's a little breakdown about the crazy scores towards the end of all runs (the broken multipliers)

    x11 is actually x15 but -2k (I checked out this on both Titan Temple & Airtime when I had x11 and it might be like x14.8 or something but figure it's easier to keep it as x15
    x12 Is actually x23 (multiplied by current & previous multiplier so it's x23)
    x13 Is actually x36 (multiplied with the current multiplier & both multipliers after 10 (11 & 12) so it's 11 + 12 + 13 which is x36
    x14 (If possible and like the rest) you would have an x50 which I tried adding the last jump on Airtime and came up with about 500k I guess you would have to be really lucky to get it but still, it's an possibility..

    I've tested all numbers from 11 - 13 and with perfect landings I get the exact same scores as those multiplies
    Hope that makes some of you guys understand fmx a little better (although it doesn't make any actually sense itself but yeah)

    Summary: Key to highscores on FMX is getting to x11 as fast as possible ^^

    - sL -

    FMX Tracks Outline

    To Be Continued...
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    Thanks for the post! These are very helpfull videos.
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    Thank you Based God
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    Originally Posted by Vantier Go to original post
    If anyone out there has the skill, plz beat my FMX scores so i have something to do until the 24th lol
    Considering leaderboards are being wiped at launch, I think you do have something to do on the 24th.

    Thanks! I will watch these when I get home. I actually thought I was doing pretty good at first getting 40K+ after just a couple tries. A few days later I see your 200K+ score and replay, tried to replicate that and couldn't even get close to my best score. This should help quite a bit.
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    Thanks for doing this, I havent had a chance to watch them yet, but I'm sure this will come on handy for quite a few people!
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    Also, because i didnt mention this in the videos, neither of my 1st place runs on the FMX tracks are just random.
    I had both runs scripted from start to finish, i definitely wasnt thinking about what tricks i had already done to make sure i didnt repeat them, it was all pre-planned out exactly as you see it (95% of the time lol).

    EDIT: also notice i said "so i have something to do UNTIL the 24th".
    Obviously at that point i will have a reason to play them again, but unless someone else gets good at fmx lol i can easily get the scores i currently have again within about 20 minutes guaranteed on launch day.
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    Thanks for the tutorial!
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    Hey, don;t want to invade your thread, but I came up with a video myself about the scoring and how it works. Was able to post a good score in "Airtime", so compiled it together into a guide on how to get the "20,000 points" achievement/trophy in the game...
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    not a problem lol, any tips/discussion on FMX is appreciated.
    Your comment about that being the only FMX track you can get the achievement on is definitely false though lol. In part 2 of my video i get 84000 on the 3rd jump of the first track.
    I will say that for people who are new to fmx and dont fully understand it yet, that probably would be the easiest track to get lucky on.
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    Thank you for this tutorial. This helped tremendously! Redlynx should sticky this for all to see. I was seriously starting to hate this fmx feature until now. Thanks Vantier.
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