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    Video Card over heating [SOLVED]

    Hi to the trials team!

    I was having frame rate issues while playing Trials Fusion, I usually run at a stable 60fps, but since the fix patch I have been having some trouble.
    I was able to play 1 or 2 tracks and then all of a sudden my framerate dropped to 40fps, and it didnt go back up. i decided to check my nvidia control panel for it to read 100c
    now any other game i play my gfx card wont go above 80c at the very most, I have also installed an extra Noctua Fan just under my gfx card, and i am still getting 98c+

    not sure if its my pc or the game but it has never run this hot on anything else.

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    It's something to do with your GPU and mostly the cooling, as the only other thing to blame it on is overclocking (and that's something that doesn't happen by just playing a game). The game is very GPU intense and a bit more optimized compared to Trials Evo, so it could happen that your GPU runs at 100% load and using a lot of VRAM most of the time. If you've read the patch notes, the game was optimized a further 10% for this later patch, so that might have something to do with it.
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    False alarm, after close inspection. it would appear that my gfx card had more dust in it, than a household vacuum.
    I blew into it and it rained down a cloud of dust which i had to shield my eyes from, i cant say so much for my lungs as they filled with dust and i have now contracted TB.
    The dust from my lungs slowly made its way to my brain, and now all i can think about is doing the damn balancing act on trials and getting top 10 on the leader board.
    Well i shall be off! sorry for the false alarm.

    Love kflive
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    Thanks for the info!

    And I must add a "that's gross". I don't even want to images how much dust I have in my PC.
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