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    Mysterious Crypt - Pressure plates WALK ON ALL?

    I can't find out how to manage to walk on all (if thats the solution) It's the Mysterious crypt in the mountain.
    Please help
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    I did it without even thinking about it the first time I walked in.
    Without the map, I can't tell you, if you can post it...
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    This is not exactly accurate, but think of it like a countdown from 4.
    If you step on a plate and it turns yellow, your countdown lowers by 1.
    If you step on a plate and it turns red, your countdown lowers by 2.
    If the countdown reaches 0, the trap hits you for 2000 damage.

    So take a step, then another step, then step backwards.
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    I'm pretty sure he's referring to the one where you have corridors and each tile has a plate and you have to light all the plate without marching on one again before you marched on all of them.
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    This puzzle is extremely easy if you see the whole map as a series of sections. Since the tiles at intersections do not have pressure plates, they divide a series of lines that do. Start by going to the right and do 1 section at a time, stopping at an intersection to choose a new section that doesn't make you backtrack.
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