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    Stuck in Combat, Previous save doesnt help

    Everytime i ported outside karthal it puts me in combat. I just finished liberation quest. Is there a fix lying around? Ctrl+Alt+R doest help too. Loading previous save also doesnt help.
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    Ok this happened twice now. Everytime i go to wyslin jungle and kill some mobs in that area it bugs up. After clearing the area i ported back to town to sell stuff and whenever i get out of town im in combat dealing poison damage to goblin and elite war panther.

    Is there any way to fix this? its frustrating it happened to me twice now and it sucks when my save game is pretty far.
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    Same here when I leave town .. maybe some bugged mob respawned somewhere i dunno
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    I haven't had that problem either (yet), but I'd read on another thread that pressing ctrl+alt+R may fix your problem. Hope it helps.
    Man, I wish they realease a patch soon, I love the game but, too many bugs!
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    it has happened to me, town portal seems to be the cause - it doesn't flush potential aggro when cast. suggest doing a f5 quicksave before any town portal, and then don't re-save until you are back outside a town again and can see it's not combat-locked.
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    Same problem. And unfortunately i re-save game in town, so i dont have any previous saves. How it can be fixed, or should i start new game, or just delete game?
    Sorry for my bad english.
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    Same here, at lvl 26 just after use beacon from prison for sell items. I have test to come back and clear all mob in area but nothing, same problem after that....this bug is a doom. We need à command console i think
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    This JUST happened to me... Ctrl+Alt+R didn't do anything.

    My previous save is in town and after using town portal (which seems to be the cause), as soon as I exit a town I enter combat... Tried traveling to a different town but still as soon as I exit town I get put into combat...

    Please fix this bug! At lvl 23 I don't want to have to start again sigh.
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    I read somewhere a possible solution : go back to where you use the spirit beacon and hunt the monster in the area.
    I will have to try it as I also have the bug.
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    I don't think that's the underlying problem. My spirit beacon is set in Karthal so there can't really be any way there'd be a creep around to kill.
    I even went hunting for some creeps after I left town when I was stuck in combat to see if I could kill something and the combat ticker would reset itself... Unfortunately it didn't.

    Until this problem is fixed or there's a solution I can't do anything out of town now, which is so sad since i'm on holidays and just want to play hours on end until semester starts again .
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