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    What to do now in Elemental Forge

    Tried looking in older threads, but didn't find what I need.

    So, I got blessings of Earth, Water and Dark.
    Now I guess I need Air to continue main quest. I have a shard itself from Scull rock (I think I got it there), but where I can use it? Where is Air area located?

    So far I found Fire room (no shard yet, planning to fight the spider today) and strange double door that only changes color when I click on it, from white to red or from red to white.
    Maybe I missed something? Or I have to solve Fire first? Or it's a bug?

    Thank you in advance.
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    On the first stage(elemental forge lvl 3 or 4) u find the light and air shrine. You can use ur shard here.
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    Thanks for the fast reply, will check the area when I'm home.
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    Again , thank you.
    Found it at level 3. It was behind doors that can't be opened manually. To open it I had to walk around a bit, stepping on every possible cell - hidden mechanisms.
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