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    Shard of shadow teleport puzzle, help/input/advice?

    I'm stuck. Managed to get past the first platform with four teleport pads, and after that, it doesn't matter which teleport pads I walk to, I get dumped right outside the entrance area, over and over.

    At this point I think maybe there's something else that I missed, and I tried to walk in the area with dark magic spells up - shadow cloak, dark vision, whispering of shadows etc, but I found no levers or any interactive spots. Did I miss something or messed up a step that couldn't be reversed?

    Any tips or experience would be much appreciated!
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    Simple trial and error. The teleports go to different spots depending on order.

    Spoiler:  Show

    This is from my notes, so you will need to figure out my naming.

    first = entrance
    second = left cross
    third = top cross
    fouth = entrance
    fifth = right cross
    sixth= new east
    seventh = isolated middle
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    Thanks a lot, I think I missed that one pad because I was focusing too much on the pads past the entrance. But I've already moved way past the point of no return, so I'll try this on my next play through, much appreciated nevertheless!
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