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    Where's the Shard of air?

    I apparently missed it and now I'm stuck on Descent to terror quest, unable to reach the dungeon. Where did I had to get this last shard?
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    It's in Skull Rock (north of Karthal in that brownish area near the sea)
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    what do you do with the air shard? Do you go to the two lightning elementatls in the forge? they are pretty OP and kill me very fast
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    Those 2 Elite Airelemental are there to fear you ^^
    you need Ylarths Blessing in Midgame Act 2 / 3 so just play with Shalassas Blessing first and get some Training

    You will Need it in Act 4 .. believe me x)
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    That's exactly what you have to do. Just cast air ward and celestial armor to aggro them, then move back around the corner so they'll need to come to you. They're pretty squishy, so they're damage is pretty irrelevant in close range combat.
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    Ah thank you, I just took the dark shard and the light one. Stuck at the light puzzle though :/
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