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    anyone know where i can find Dagger GM?
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    yar ditto, my blademaster is maxed in dagger and dual wield, no love finding the GM trainers for those two yet though.
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    Here's what I've found out so far. It's a mess (did it for myself, but hope it helps ). Shav = Seahaven, Sorp = Sorpigal.

    Medium master - weapon shop SH
    Spear master - Eldgrim SHav
    Fire master - Geilir SHav
    Crossbow master - potion SHav
    Mace master - bank SHav
    2-h expert - bank
    Arcane Disc expert - dojo shav, sorp library
    Myst exp - dojo
    Sword, Medium, Dual exp - dojo
    Mag focus master - library shav
    Light master - church shav
    Endur, dodge exp - Bear shav
    2-h master, shield, spear, medium exp - garrison shav
    Dark exp - inn shav
    Air, bow, cross, sword, mace, axe exp - train center sorp
    Warfare exp - weapon sorp
    Endur master - garrison sorp
    Heavy exp - armor sorp
    Mag focus exp - potion sorp
    Light exp - church sorp
    Axe GM - Drengi, shav map
    Shield GM - Kilburn
    Fire GM - shav map shore Entrance ERIKA
    Prime mag GM - djinn in Enigma tower

    shield dwarf promo - Hedwig, inn near fluffy (boss), shav map south
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    Where is spear expert trainer?
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    Dagger GM is part of the storyline. just keep going til the end of Tomb of Terror (is that the name? can't remember)
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    Where is magic focus GM ?
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    Prime trainer is also in the caravan in front of the Castle near SH.
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    Originally Posted by desper78 Go to original post
    Where is magic focus GM ?
    Focus GM is in the forge, level 2, behind secret doors.

    Anyone knows where Medium Armor GM is?
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