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    Fly to Elemental Forge option greyed out, stuck

    Hey there,

    Finished Act 1, when I go to see Lev, option 1 to fly to Elemental Forge is greyed out and can't progress at all.

    Any ideas?

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    I have the same problem with the grey text. Only place I can go now it seems is the cursed ruins with the ghosts. Took out the 2 before you get to the entrance but inside they just tear me a new one and it hurts :-)

    When i first talked to the governors daughter she mentioned something with a quest involving a circus that she wanted me to take her to... her father refused her to go and that quest does not show up in my journal. Not sure if that has anything to do with the whole "Griffinproblem"

    Guess I will run around in this dungeon with Lev in it and look for more secrets in case I missed an important one...

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    Are you Early Access Steam player?
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    Nope Uplay. Deleted the old game and got something like an 8GB patch when installing full version so dont think i am missing any files...
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    I have the same problem. In the quest log, the first part of that quest ("Talk to Lev") is marked as accomplished, but the dialogue option is greyed out.
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    The quest "Elemental disturbance" for me now states the following

    - Discover what the elves have been doing.

    Then it goes on about how the elves have taken over the forge and then it ends with something like. "You have arrived at the forge, confront the elves". Not sure if the game "considers" me to be at the forge and therefor greys out the option to get there for real.. Considering starting a new party to see what happens
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    Same problem here. Option is unavailable, though it say something about already being in the Elemental Forge... I still have some quests to do, like 'Morgan's eyes and ears', 'The secret of the obelisk', and 'Sword of the bounty hunter'... but I don't thinks it matters. It's some kind of bug I guess...
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    Have you found a solution for this problem yet? Reentering the instance or reloading an older savegame doesnt seem to work.
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    must be something to do with still being on the demo. uplay should update it to the full game afaik but people on BT are are having probs with uplay might be why its not doing it.
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    If it's the whole of BT users one would hope they make an announcement or come up with a fix soon....
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