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    The service is not available FarCry 3

    Hello Ubi team.

    Yesterday im play Far Cry 3 Multiplayer.And this day i can;t when im started game multiplayer im see communique
    The service is not available FarCry 3.Im restart game and the same.What is the problem ? Pliz Help !
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    I am having the same problem. Won't let me connect to server. Have had several friends in games trying to invite me into their game, but can't. Then when I go online to at least get my decoder going it tells me that I have my game going (which I don't) and can't even decode while I wait!
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    Seems that many european Farcry 3 players can't connect to the online servers in Farcry 3 multiplayer.
    Hope Ubisoft will fix it soon.
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    Jep. PC is down since 1.5hours. looks like they went to sleep and nobody cares about.
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    This is the same situation in PC platform too
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    Has this resolved?
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    Originally Posted by EvilPixieGrrr Go to original post
    Has this resolved?
    Hi, its still impossible to join a game. Creates everytime a lobby where i am alone with no players joining.
    It's really annoying that this incredible solo game has as a poor multiplayer service. I know you are doing your best but bugs are reported for monthes and nothing happens....
    I noticed the same about Splinter cell's blacklist multiplayer, you do not seem to take care about players feedback and even correct minor bugs that can improve game experience for everyone.
    To be honest i'm a huge fan so i play but it takes less than 1 hour playing FC3 multiplayer to catch those little things that could make the game better. I agree that nothing can be perfect, that's why patches or betatesting are made for.
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    OK, thanks for the update. I'll do some investigating and see if I can find someone to help.
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    Sorry to hear that you all are having this issue. Sadly, I have not heard of any issue but I ask that you all please try checking your current connections as well as trying another account to see if it helps. I will send this to be looked into. In the meantime, please try verifying any block ports with your ISP as well as checking the FAQs regarding connectivity for the game.


    I apologize for the inconvenience as we will require as much information as possible to have this looked into. You may also contact us by phone if you are able to do so. Please see here:
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    You have not heard about any issue but the fact is there is one ! thank you for your unsastifying and bot-like answer. I won't pay for a call to repeat what im saying here. This problem happens frequently to me and my friends at the same time so i don't think its about my own connection or account. I recently began to post on this forum thinking that could help but it's sad to see how you avoid responsabilities. Maybe i have to do like most of my friends : play another game... :-(
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