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    I thought I would dust off my copy of FC3 and play throughout it again. I was having great fun until I started getting the "server not available" messages. I'm playing the story mode on the PS3 and virtually every time I press start to access the menu, it tries for 30 secs to connect and sometimes crashes in doing so.

    I contacted support and was asked to complete my uplay profile to include age, gender etc. Not that those details have anything to do with a game developer and certainly shouldn't impact on the game experience. When I couldn't even connect to the uplay website on three different browsers on my Macbook, I got the reply "it appears some BT users are experiencing issues connecting to ubisoft servers. Please contact BT for further support" What an absolute cop-out. I told support I was a BT customer in the first instance and wasn't told that, then when things become difficult, the buck is well and truly passed.

    I'm quite sure not every body who is experiencing this error is a BT customer, so what now ubisoft??
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    Far cry 3

    I have a problem in far cry 3 that it has service not available problem
    So ubisoft company I would like if you make that service available.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
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    Same here

    I played FC3 for years on and off and never had any trouble and i am a BT user,This week i started getting The service is not available please try again later,at least they say please.I have tried again later and the next day and then again the day after that.Its not a BT problem as i have no trouble with any other game i play.I am going to give up on FC3 and go back to World of Warcraft.
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