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    Takane - Master of Ambushes

    Use stream singers to return yukiko shrine, early spam cards or event for might increase.

    Some times this deck will allow you to put 3-5 big creatures at your turn 3-4, with which your opponent shouldn't be able to deal with. (Unless FF)

    Use search card for raya (for early game stabilization) - (temple/soothsayer if you don't have one) or for sacred kirion before temple.

    More explanations will be posted in the comment section.

    New version of the deck:

    Play on this deck can be seen here: , final deck starts somewhere 1:30h into the stream. Managed to get 28th place in JP on stream, this deck is tier 1 instrument.

    I think it has potential in ranked play at its current state to at least keep safely 1300 Elo, however this deck isn't 100% optimised e.g.:

    1) Altar of asha can be a good addition, but it felt too slow for me.

    2) The campfires.. they were good in times but too slow to play in other times, perhaps lowering their number/removing them from the deck can be also a good decision (or bad, I still like them, but whether that is best to have those, I'm not sure)

    There are definitely more changes possible to make in it, however the deck I present to you is already a functioning one and it comes with a handful of replays/vod to get the general idea of how it is supposed to work.

    For performance - I got 11 wins and 6 losses (excluding early leavers granting wins), and at least 1 loss did happen due to a big mistake on my part, the deck requires some experience with it to play it perfectly, that's for sure
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    Streaming this deck now at:

    Stream is now finished.
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    What about United We Fight?
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    Added one
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    How would you compare this to standard creature Ishuma ? My next deck will be santcuary so im searching around for the best solutions
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    It is definitely more fun to play but it has a big issue with difficult match ups, which is a much smaller problem for Ishuma. I'd say that these 2 decks are completely different in play/style, even though they both are sanctuary decks.
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    I see, thank you for your answers. And thanks for all the work/decklists you've been doing
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    gialota are you chinese?
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    Originally Posted by Eyrington Go to original post
    gialota are you chinese?
    No, he is Russian
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    Thanks for posting the deck and stream, I've been having loads of fun with this, although I'm not very good at it and am losing half my games. I don't have Raya, and I would guess that she is pretty critical in this deck.

    I also tried playing with Yukiko, and using more of a stall with small creatures, 4 thrones, bridges, altars of shadow, kappas, and fatties. Then, the opponent would plop down a bunch of creatures and out come the Kirins in response. I'm not sure if this version is better or worse, but I enjoyed it more than the original (again partly I think because I don't have Raya to stabilize.) Also, maybe my version is similar enough to a Shalan deck that Shalan is simply better, I don't know.
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