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    Feedback, Bugs, and Problems

    I couldn't post in the Feedback sticky or start a new thread in the other forum, so I'm putting my two cents here:


    Options. Could you add some mouseover explanations to what various game options do? For example, I didn't know what "Lock Action Bar" did even after selecting it.

    Default Adjustment. When hovering over the option to use the default party, it indicates that you will still be able to tweak the characters, but it launches you directly into the game. I thought it would take me to a character creation screen where I could adjust the default characters' stats before playing.

    Mashumi and Kenshi. The mini-map would show Mashumi and the Kenshi on the tile right in front of me, but the graphic would be three tiles back in the game.

    Walking. It was really smooth and way too fast when I started the game, but around the time I left town it got really jerky and slow and stayed that way. It seemed to become noticeably slower again shortly after Rosalie joined the party. Also, footsteps are too loud.

    Running. Since there is no respawning, trekking through empty terrain is slow and boring. Could we get an option to run?

    Respawning. Without respawning, how do we level up if the game is too hard, especially when trapped in town before the initial Spider Queen?

    Secret passages. There were a couple of spots I couldn't access. One was a secret room in Castle Portmeyron, the other was a tile on the Agyn coast. Casting "Whispering Shadows", "Clairvoyance", and having Rosalie in the party did nothing.

    What are "quest tokens"? I didn't see an explanation. Perhaps add one to the help section?

    Look up, look down. I couldn't see the status bar on some of the monsters like the Cyclops because they were so tall and I couldn't look up. I had the same trouble sometimes when fighting monsters on a slope.

    Spell points. Since mana is pretty precious in this game, could you list the spell points a character has remaining in the spellbook so we can better judge if casting a particular spell is worth it?

    Shoes. It's kind of strange to equip shoes in the alternate weapon slot. The description when you hover over the spot also doesn't mention being able to equip shoes there. Why are there three slots for weapons anyway?

    Screenshots. I can't take screenshots. The image is completely blank/blacked out or it takes an image of my desktop with a small black box in the upper left corner. (Same results when attempted on another computer.)

    Thieves Den. I discovered the Den before I met Rosalie. Showing Rosalie the diary only completed the last two out of the three requirements of the quest. Shouldn't it complete all of them since you can't get the book/diary without visiting the Thieves Den? Also, when I trekked back with Rosalie (and her perception skills) there were warning notifications as I approached the Den and more inside even though the den and the area around it had already been cleaned out.

    Standing Dead. Sometimes the dead continue to stand, occupying a space and not allowing the player to pass the tile. Reloading resolved this. Had this happen with a Rogue Mage and a Brigand.

    Elite Ghosts. The game freezes after the Elite Ghosts take their first turn. I never made it to the graveyard.

    Fight Message. Once, while fighting ghosts, I cast "Burning Determination" and it said, "Rongo is paralyzed." Rongo wasn't paralyzed.

    Castle Portmeyron. "You don't have the right key to open this door" got stuck on my screen. After I defeated the boss (Ivan?), I turned to a room with a locked door. It told me I didn't have the right key, but opened anyway and the message became stuck on my screen. Alt + Tabbing out and back removed the message. It happened a second time when I reentered Ivan's room after leaving the Castle. Alt+Tab did not work the second time. The message did finally vanish after talking to John Morgan and leaving the throne room.

    Air Warding Elemental Bracelet. It was listed as granting "+6 against fire magic", but in the pop-up comparison it said it only offered a "+4" advantage. When equipped, it did actually grant "+6" fire resistance.

    Dark Vision. Dark vision sometimes makes things darker.

    Orb Light. Sometimes when "Orb Light" is cast, it is so bright that my whole screen is solidly yellow. This happens particularly when it is cast in combination with "Celestial Armor" or the sun is setting or reflecting a lot in a particular spot.

    -1 Trades. Items always sold for 1 gold coin less than the listed price.

    Lighthouse Quest. The lighthouse quest seems out of order. It was much harder than the Thieves Den, which I did first since the Mamushi and Elite Kenshi were too difficult for me at that point. The Thieves Den was comparatively easy, although I chose not to fight Luke based on what the caravan salesman said.

    Night and Day. When day breaks, the summary in the upper left corner of the screen indicates "night closes in" instead of "a new day is dawning".

    Gray Pop-ups. The gray info pop-ups have a strikethrough in the middle of the first line.

    Item Drop. There seems to be a lag between acquiring new items and the time you see the animation and hear the sound of them going into inventory.

    Statues. What are they for? I didn't notice that they did anything other than stop glowing when I clicked on them. Maybe the summary in the upper left corner could indicate what happened?

    Stat Barrels. Only one barrel with stat boosting liquid in the whole first act? Seems a bit stingy.

    Brigands. Sometimes the animation doesn't play. The Brigands get hit, sometimes even with a critical hit, and they just stand still as if nothing happened. Also, the swing animation doesn't play sometimes when they hit.

    Fire fights. There should be an option to target specific enemies when using ranged weapons.

    Shimmering Chests. Some of the chests continue to shimmer even after being looted.

    Proofreading. Text still needs much proofreading. I started a list, but it was growing quickly.


    Permanent Maps. When I loaded a new game, the notations I had made on the previous game's map were still there.

    Starting Equipment. When creating my own party, I assumed that I would get a weapon if I chose a starting weapon skill. I didn't get one, and there were no weapons of that type at the shops. Is it possible that characters could get a weak starting weapon or use their hands in this scenario?

    Incorrect Weapon Comparisons:

    1-Tribal Maul. When I compared stats on a Tribal Maul I found to the one currently equipped by Orc, it said there was a -22-28 pt difference in damage dealt when it should have been a +3-3 pt difference: one Tribal Maul dealt 23-25 pts of damage and the other dealt 26-28 pts. When I swapped weapons, the comparison stats self-corrected.

    2-Tribal Spear. Similar experience when comparing the Tribal Spear to the Tribal Mauls. On one Orc (male Barbarian) it showed it showed a -40-32 pt difference in damage, on the other Orc (female Shaman) it listed the pt difference in damage as -14-4 for the exact same weapons when equipped. Again, after swapping the weapons around a bit, the error corrected itself and showed the correct pt difference for both Orcs.

    Updated Quest. When entering a quest area, the "Updated Quest" message is doubled and appears twice in the lower right corner of the screen.

    Spider Queen. You don't even advance a single level before encountering the queen, so you have no room to adjust for a weak initial party. For example, some of my party characters had no weapons to start with, and I couldn't "fix" this until after a bunch of fights, which were hard with no weapons. Perhaps putting the Spider Queen further on in the dungeon, or have the option to encounter a few more monsters early on would be better.

    Twice Broken. Two-handed weapons break twice: once in each hand.

    Rosalie. On the first run, I completed the Thieves Den without Rosalie. I was able to recruit her after completing the dungeon, and she stayed with me for the rest of the game. On the second run, I did the Thieves Den first with Rosalie who disappeared at the end of the quest and was unrecruitable when I went back to the temple.

    Last Witch. On neither the first or second run through did "The Last Witch" quest trigger despite being a conversation option with Rosalie.

    Double Flowers. Not just one, but two indicators for Orlene's Flowers got stuck on the screen in the Agyn Peninsula. One of these disappeared after the quest was completed.

    Kenshi. One of the Kenshis outside of the lighthouse was invisible: the status bar showed up, but no other graphic. There was also no combat sounds when striking him.

    Ghosts. Like with the Kenshi, some of the ghosts graphics were not aligning with where the game actually said the monsters were on the grid.

    Haramata. Perhaps it would be more consistent to have a key command that allows you in past Haramata if you leave and return to the Lighthouse before completing the quest.

    Castle Portmeyron Door. There is a door on Level 2 of the castle that is controlled by a lever with a corpse next to it. I pulled the lever went through the door and activated a trap near the door. I reloaded to my last quicksave, which was right after I had pulled the lever. Even though the lever has already been pulled, the door it was supposed to open stayed shut with no way to open it. . . so, end of second runthrough.

    GRANNY GAMER RUN (let my mother try on her computer)

    Printable Input. Could you make the "Input" page in "Options" printable? I think it would be a useful guide when learning new keyboard commands.

    Tap Dancing Spider. The Spider Queen and most of the Giant Spiders "tap dance", that is, when in battle they rotate while moving their clicking feet. They will also sometimes levitate, sink into the ground, or wander completely off screen while in battle.

    Missed Drops. The items dropped didn't always make it into inventory. The game would indicate that an antidote or two had been dropped, but when the inventory was checked the number of potions had not changed.

    Sloooooow walking. The game was otherwise responsive, but walking in her game was less than half of the speed it was in mine. It took about two seconds to advance one tile, and turning was "jerky" and somehow "floaty" and disconnected.


    I liked the game, but I didn't start with the Might and Magic series until MM6, so this doesn't resemble the series as I knew it. Still this was fun, and I'm really glad to see someone making the old-style RPGs. I'm a fan of turn-based, party gameplay.

    As someone with only mediocre gaming skills, I thought the difficulty level was about right for Adventurer Mode, a bit of a challenge on the first run through, and a bit less of one on the second run through. I haven't tried Warrior Mode yet.

    The money and EXP point distributions were fine. More stat and skill boosters are definitely needed (horseshoes and clovers?). I hope further in the game the artifacts and/or relic type weapons and armor will have more variety in the types of boosts and abilities they grant. Spell development felt a bit slow, but I'm guessing that may accelerate as the characters continued gain mana and skills. I really wanted some of the non-battle spells like "Clairvoyance" to last longer. So far, might seems to trump magic, but I recall it usually did early in the other games in the series, too.

    I realize this is only Act I, but even considering the final might be 3 or 4 times the length, the game felt short overall. One of the things that I really loved about MM6 was the expansiveness of the world. Getting to the end quickly wasn't always the goal of old-style games.

    I also really loved the open world feel of the Might and Magic series, and this feels a bit linear: the Guards at the gates; not being able to leave town or enter the Castle until certain quests were completed; quest completion done out of order (like Thieves Den before finding Rosalie) triggering bugs; having the game play out in Acts; and on top of that a linear grid system that literally forces you to walk in certain lines. (The grid system doesn't bother me the way I thought it would, but it still contributes to making the game feel linear.) I hope in the final release there will be less obstacles to our exploration.
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    I can now access the Feedback Sticky and the Technical Discussion/Bug Report Forum. If a mod or someone else is responsible for this, thank you.

    Should I repost the bugs as separate items in the Technical Discussion Forum?

    Edit: OK, I went and posted the bugs from this list in the Bug/Tech Forum. Better not to have some glitches overlooked.
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