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    Unable to buy mortar ammunition

    I'm unabe to buy mortar ammunition. I can select it, but when I press A to purchase, nothing happens.
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    Did you ever figure this out Sean? I have the same problem, unable to purchase mortar and barrels, though heavy shot works fine. I have enough money and the ammo shows up as available and ready for purchase (even lets me max out the quantity to buy) but nothing happens when the X-button (PS4) is pressed.
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    Have you upgraded your Mortar Shot?
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    If you press A you are buying 0. To increase the amount press X to fill 'er up, or push the left stick to the right to select a variable amount and then press A. It's usually best to just hit X though.

    (A and X are in Xbox terms; I think those are Trapezoid and Dodecahedron on PS :-))
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    Yeah, that was it, thanks.

    @Doc Possible
    Ha, Dodecahedron - Love it
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    I'm unable to purchase mortar for my naval fort attack. I have enough reserves but I see that the mortar ammunition is not highlighted on my Jackdaw upgrade.
    How do I purchase mortar on my PC. Please help?
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