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    Which packs to buy?

    I really don' get it. Which pack has the chance to give which cards.
    'm necropolis and I really don't know which pack or box to buy besides the preset necropolis deck.

    Anyone can let me know which pack is for which and better for me?
    Is the cards randomized in each packs or they have a list/set of fixed cards in the pack?
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    In the packs the cards are randomized from a pool of cards available to that certain pack. Decks on the other hand is always preset.

    As a necro player I would suggest you to buy Reinforcement Packs with your gold to begin with, depending on how many reinforcements packs you have bought you could either spend the seals you earn on The Box, for more reinforcement packs, or, my recommendation is to buy 2 or 3 Herald of the Void Boxes for your Seals, as that is much more price efficient
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    How about champion box or forgotten wars box? Are they any good to me?
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