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    Far Cry Z-DAY

    Alright guys, as much as I hate spamming the forums, I feel like Z-DAY needs a dedicated thread where I can share updates and news concerning the game.

    Feel free to check out the main page over at moddb:

    On August 20th, 2019, a crate was dispatched from
    Antwerp, Belgium to Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    The crate contained 64 titanium cilinders
    filled with Class 6 hazardous materials.
    A team of highly trained personnel was to carefully
    move these liquids into the VU Medical Facility,
    but the convoy never arrived at its destination.

    Z-DAY is a fully fledged singleplayer campaign playable through the Far Cry 3 Map Editor after installing mod and map files. The campaign will consist of multiple singleplayer missions very much inspired by games like Left4Dead, but with a Far Cry twist to them. The maps are all built from the ground up using assets at hand.

    Z-DAY will not merely be a bunch of maps or a mod alone. It's as close to a completely new game as you can get. The campaign will include an immersive soundtrack, cinematic cutscenes, custom sound effects and voiceover work. Z-DAY is set to be released Q2 2014 and is currently in closed pre-alpha. You'll find trailers and alpha stage gameplay down below. This page will be updated regularly.

    Far Cry Z-DAY will make use of the Hell.Fino Editor Mod which is currently in a beta stage. I am working closely with Fino to add more awesome features to this mod.

    - Lots of gameplay variety
    - Never-before-seen locations
    - Cinematic cutscenes
    - A unique storyline
    - An immersive soundtrack
    - Custom models
    - Custom sound effects
    - Special weapons
    - Destructibility and physics

    More videos are featured on my channel and on the moddb page (I can only embed one in the main post).

    Thanks for checking out Z-DAY!
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    Latest addition to Z-DAY:

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    Last placeholder
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