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    I can now load 'http://uplay.ubi.com/' in my browser. I couldn't access the page earlier. Maybe some progress is being made?

    The uplay client is still being slow though.

    This is why I love Steam.


    Uplay client is now working. Glad its fixed but it is still unacceptable.

    UPDATE 2:

    Spoke too soon. Client is down again but site loads fine. I got 46% of the game downloaded. Maybe within two or three days I can download enough to play the actual game!
    I can't get the website , uplay or any ubi games at all been trying on and off all night
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    yeh i put in a support ticket but im just told the same as every1 else... open ports n stuff... what else can i do? lol
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    Still dead for me. If it stays this way until lunch time that'll be 72 hours!

    Almost makes me consider getting my Ubisoft games via 'alternative' means. Then I could actually play them.

    Xbox Live have given out free games in the past for much less periods of outages. Wonder if Ubi might do the same?
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    Cannot believe this is still happening. Given it's happened before I don't understand why it cannot be fixed faster and why Ubisoft can't give us some indication that they are fixing the problem.

    I definitely won't be buying any more Ubisoft games until Uplay is removed, that's for sure.
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    Still having this same issue. It needs to be fixed quickly.

    Why are we not receiving updates from ubisoft representatives? We've paid for a game and cannot access it.
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    The silence is extremely fustrating!I still hope for some sort of public statement from either BT or Ubi acknowledging the fault or presenting a convincing arguement that its not their fault. 72 hours is plenty of time to investiagte and draft something.
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    Previously hotspot shield used to allow for a connection but now that fails but I use avast anti virus and it has its own vpn secure software built in and it bypasses BT's problem and allows me to play my games... (it only has a 3 day trial period so hopefully it will be fixed before I buy it )
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    I have managed to get Uplay working today over BT Infinity, but i had to use hotspotshield vpn - it then worked fine

    Likewise people on other ISPs are not having issues

    Turning the VPN off resulted in the same issue as everyone else is seeing - no access to Uplay or ubi.com/uk

    Both parties should be working together to sort this out, rather than pointing fingers and blaming each other or just saying nothing

    People pay good money for both the games and their broadband connections and you don't expect to have the same reoccurring problems and finger pointing, once is enough but twice in 3 months is ridiculous
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    Hello everyone,

    Thank you to those who have submitted tickets as per my suggestion earlier in the thread.

    holtehero2012, finger pointing was never our intention. We're working to resolve this issue for all our customers who are affected, and the person or people who caused the issue is less important than identifying the root cause and getting everyone back playing the games they want to.

    If we receive more information that is relevant to helping you all gain access to your games, we will let you know.
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    Finger pointing would actually be very useful in this case. I'm very keen to know where the problem lies. BT Support are very insistent that its a Ubi issue and there is nothing they can do. This is the second outage in 3 months. I'd like to know this is being fixed and something is going to be done to prevent it happening in the future.Been well over 24 hours now since Ubi responded to my support ticket.An acknowledgement of the issue and a statement that Ubi are working on it, either with or without BT, would be a long overdue good start to re-assuring your customers that something is being done.
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