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    Rocksmith 2014 Left handed Guitar Bundle


    I'm a left handed guitar player who wants to buy Rocksmith 2014 with a left handed guitar. I have mixed answers as to whether it is feasible to buy such a kit. On one hand, most say it is unavailable, and this Q&A seems to confirm it:
    (At the 3:30 mark)

    However, upon some research, it seems a few sites are selling Rocksmith 2014 w/ a left handed guitar bundle, such as:

    The sites that sells those are all from the UK (I'm from Canada). I'm guessing high demand in this region made people from Rocksmith made those left-handed guitars. If those bundle are legit, is there a way or a place to buy them in North America?

    Thank You!
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    I've had a look around the gear for music site and it seems that they only list prices for Books, Music, Video and DVD delivery to north america, there is a contact number for them on the amazon page so it may be worth asking, there also seems to be courier services that could help on the page.

    On the website delivery restrictions it just says that during ordering it may tell you the item cannot be delivered to your country, I suppose you could try ordering and see if it goes through, otherwise your other option is to get someone to order it for you and post it to you.
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    I wouldn't if I were you. Those are not official RS bundles, and the guitar is a no-name (way) off brand Strat copy. I would not trust it. There are a number of left handed guitars that are decent quality for not much more than what the guitar (Epiphone Les Paul Jr.) in the official RS bundle costs.
    Try Rondomusic:
    They have decent lefty guitars and basses for real cheap, and they have an excellent returns policy, if you don't like the guitar for ANY reason, you can send it back for a no questions asked refund or exchange and the owner Kurt is a good guy to deal with.
    The only thing is, you may have to pay a bit extra to ship to Canada.
    You should at least check out the website, maybe e-mail Kurt to find out about shipping to Canada, he's usually pretty good at answering e-mails.
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