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    (PS3) I just recently re-started my game (erased the saves and data and re-installed and did the initial setup) Haven't played since, and I've had to download and re-install the import pack 3 times since then, because my RS 1 on-disc songs had disappeared.
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    In multiplayer mode (tried today for first time) one players audio was fine and the others delayed by about half a second. I am using Mac OSX Mavericks. This makes multiplayer mode kind of disappointing since the program dumbed down the level immediately because I was playing everything "late."

    I tested input from both cables on the Mac outside of RS2014. There is no delay.
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    I've read about bends not registering correctly but I'm not sure my issue is the same. I'm just starting and doing the bends 101. I'm not good but I'm no newbie either and when I get to the full bend riff it recognizes my D string bend no problem but I am getting 0 reaction. From the A string bend.
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    I completed bends 201. No issues, but my Epi LP Standardhave completely SET.

    Currently on Chords 301 sorted by Recommended. .

    I have advanced so much with RS 2012 and RS 2014 that now i'm focusing more as to what my guitar is producing than what I am supposed to be doing. Im not expert but I have seen myself grow as a guitar player. Before RS my Epi was sitting collecting dust.
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    cant' get to player profile for past 2 days on rocksmith site

    when i first signed up all worked great. for the past 2 days i can't get the player profile to load to see how I'm doing on the 60 day challenge. the web page has errors in the javascript console. here are the errors:

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token . tc_Rocksmith.js:11
    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token . tc_Global_ncsa.js:11
    LOGIN BEFORE rocksmith-uplay-userprofile.js:61
    Failed to load resource
    event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead.

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    sorry if you heard this one before but i can't read 65 pages of bug reports to find out. anyways, as soon as i select a lesson to watch, i get a lock up. just sits as if the vid is going to start, but it doesn't and i have to reboot 2014 to get out.
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    Sooo we just got Rocksmith today. My boyfriend is already super good at guitar and i know nothing. He already created his profile. Even when i exit the game, switch to my xbox account and enter the game again, it loads his profile. How do I get my own profile??
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    Rocksmith 2014 on my PS3 is not playable.
    I have high end guitars (Gibson Les Paul Standard, Peavey USA Wolfgang, Charvel San Dimas). I have a Peterson Strobe Tuner, and a Boss TU3 tuner.

    The in game "tuner" refuses to acknowledge the high and low E strings in the tuner, and in game. The tuner problem did not start until after the first time I attempted to us an alternate tuning. In one case, I over tightened my low E string to the point that the string broke on my Les Paul. On NONE of the guitars does the tuner even budge when the string tension is changed.

    To make matters worse; if I leave the song using the alternate tuning, and go to a song with standard tuning, the low and high E strings are not acknowledged in the game.

    I have adjusted the volume, used bridge and neck pick ups. The problem is not the intonation on my guitars they're all set up correctly.
    The problem is your software; that I've seemingly wasted money on.

    I do hope that you have a fix for this issue.
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    Some bugs in the X-Box version of scale racer:

    (1) Sometimes I get a black blob on the right side of the highway that covers up some of the lanes. It goes away quickly. This might correspond to on the PC version when you get a random string of cars coming towards you?
    (2) Somehow I got into a mode once where every time I started a scale the car would move forward, and the notes and cars would move forward, but the camera wouldn't, so you'd end up looking at an empty highway and crash up at the horizon. Quitting out of scale racer to the list of guitarcade games and starting scale racer again fixed it.
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    I would try this fix it's working flawlessly now

    Rocksmith 2014 on Maverick OS was crashing on launch it would not get to the white screen it would open and error out I tried all the fixes listed and eventually tried reloading the OS retail version of Maverick from the App store. This was the only fix that worked. When you install Maverick on your system you don't loose anything but it seems to overwrite the corrupted file.

    Steps are simple

    1- Open app store and install Maverick then restart
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