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    BUG - PS3 - Digital Version - System Freeze - Playing Scale wariiors

    Hey guys!

    While playing Scale Warrior had a freeze up during the 5th stage (the one on the elevator) just after defeting one enemy. Scale at the moment was Aeolian in A. Had to UNPLUG the PS3.

    I have a digital copy, downloaded via PSN. Have the Rocksmith 1 Pack DLC and 80% of the DLC songs from Rocksmith 1.
    PS3 with 60GB free of a total of 250GB.

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    Mac version
    OS X Mavericks (10.9)

    Often when I start a song or a lesson the background goes black, all the animated effects are disappear, and the foreground graphics become very basic and terrible looking. The game is then stuck that way so if I exit the song on the menu screens its just a black screen with the menu text showing. I'll try to circle back with a screenshot later today.
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    I have 3 easily reproducible bugs to report so far. All OSX 10.8.5

    1. After completing a song it will display a mastery percentage with streak/accuracy. Almost always when streak/accuracy disappear that mastery percentage drops a fraction on the new screen i.e. will go from 63.4 to 63.4

    2. Sorting by tuning mixes in all the slightly higher/lower E Standard tunings (i.e. A434, A451, A447, A44, and A461) in with E Standard.

    3. Redeeming UPlay points while in the game - really bunks up the song listing. I was having all sorts of issues until I restarted the game.
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    3 Doors Down DLC is missing in Rocksmith 2014 for PS3 shop.

    In the original Rocksmith PS3 shop, the 3 Doors Down song pack AND songs are all listed under PACKS, which is wrong. The individual songs themselves should be listed under SONGS. Because of this, Rocksmith 2014 isn't finding the individual songs since there is currently only one PACK available (for the RS1 song transfer).

    Looks like a simple category issue.
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    hi, awesome job on RS2014 guys

    2 things I have noticed so far.........

    a few times while navigating menus in Guitarcade the xbox version froze up, had to restart.

    occasionally after altering difficulty in riff repeater, I cannot hear or can barely hear the rest of the band.
    This may not be bad if I was a good guitarist, but I am not and need the rest of the band to cover for me

    otherwise so far so GREAT
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    PC- Version Blackscreen thanks for playing! When I launch I get the uplay app showing up and then I get a black screen and then a message form the uplay app stating thanks for playing! I have an issue opened but getting impatient. I have tried various reloutions to no avail. So I have not been able to play the game yet! I knew I should have stayed with an xbox version.
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    [Platform: PC/Windows 7 (64 bit)]

    This is a high performance PC with 'old' i7-2600k, so there is plenty of performance and multi-threading capability.

    However, I am noticing issues and strange fluctuations with the tuning, like others are reporting, and I think it might be related to an underlying problem: the sound input being "choppy" and cutting in and out.

    I get the impression that this is happening with all the sound sampling, but when I turn on the microphone functionality it shows up in an extreme and functionality-breaking form: I can recognize the words being said in a microphone, but pitch information and a good bit of the sound between "chops" seems to be missing. Of course, singing doesn't work at all with this, and even though I'm able to barely make out the words in my voice, the game doesn't seem to register the attempt. Note that the sound issue isn't just when playing a song, but in the "audio monitor" mode outside of songs as well.

    Update: For the idea of a lesser version of the extremely choppy voice microphone issue being present for the guitar: I didn't notice a problem in the Tone editor after removing the Pre-Amp, and during song playing I can't really evaluate that well, but my original observation was based on the way the sound meter seems to behave and sporadic artifacts in the sound specifically while in the Tuner. However, the voice microphone audio is choppy an absolutely every place I hear it in RS 2014.

    I don't know if this is an issue with getting the raw input, or if there is some sort of processing that is being done and the problem is being introduced there and then its output is being played, but regular Windows audio monitoring (and the prior Rocksmith last time I ran it) didn't have this problem with the same hardware and settings.

    Yes, I am using the default exclusive audio control mode, though I did try turning it off and it seemed to behave exactly the same (struck me as odd, as I would have expected a noticeable difference).


    I also have some other issues that I hope are slated to be addressed, like the issue with Rocksmith 1 DLC not being recognized, and there being a list of DLC songs at the "top" of the "Learn a Song" list that appears and disappears apparently at random, as well as being surprised that I had to quit and restart the game to get a RS 2014 DLC purchase to show up in the accessible list of songs.


    EDIT: After reading the pdf BuckNodules pointed out (which should, indeed, be far more prominent), and keying in on the phrase "It will trade some of the latency improvements we've made for Rocksmith 2014...", I tried turning off "Win32UltraLowLatencyMode". I'm not noticing any clear change for the erratic guitar Tuning, but the voice microphone issue drastically improved.

    I did have some configuration options different than the recommended 16 bit/48kHz for audio input, but contrary to the "aha!" feeling it gave me when noticing that, fixing them had no noticeable effect...only this setting (tested by changing only its .ini file value between 0 and 1 and restarting RS2014) being turned off (0) seemed to improve things.
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    I own the xbox 360 edition and when i first got it the game froze almost all of the time.Now it seems the freezing is less frequent
    but it for sure still freezes.Its odd seemed like the more i played it the less it froze if that makes any sense.Either way i love this game more then the firsr which is hard considering i played it for about
    400 hours just please fix this ubisoft.
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    Originally Posted by KilaRoach Go to original post
    The game froze up on my XBOX today.
    It froze a couple of times last week, even becoming unplayable saturday evening.
    Then no freezes at all till today
    Working fine all day yesterday while i was grinding through 30 songs.
    I hadn't said anything because I thought the day patch would address it but not so.
    I'm having the same freezing issue. Froze 3 times in 6 hours - each time in the Learn a Song mode (twice after selecting a song to play and once more when pausing the song after it had started).

    Game is installed to Xbox 360 hard drive.

    I have a lot of DLC (most RS1 DLC) and RS1 imported songs. Game isn't laggy or slow - it just freezes unexpectedly. Rebooting the 360 (power off, power on) has fixed the issue each time.
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    Arpeggios: They're great, love the addition!

    However, the symbol they use in gameplay on PS3 does not match the symbol in the technique until you go into the technique and play the tutorial video. They also do not show up in the 'Associated Techniques' for songs they appear in.

    This is purely a cosmetic bug but it will probably be confusing for people who haven't played a lot of music.
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