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    Add me

    I play watch dogs and splinter cell blacklist
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    Far cry series,
    Assassins creed series
    The crew
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    The Crew
    Ghost Recon Willdlands
    Assassin's Black Flag
    Rainbow Six Siege
    Splinter Cell Blacklis
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    Recently my account has been hacked so my username has been changed to Mr_Ranchik.
    I can only changed it back to my old username Tankhawk500 after 30 days. *sigh*
    Anyways, I have sorted that out and anyone is welcomed to add me.

    Username: Mr_Ranchik (will change back to Tankhawk500 after 30 days)

    All Assassin Creed Series
    All Watch Dogs Series
    All Far Cry series
    The Crew
    Ghost Recon : Wildlands
    Tom Clancy's The Division

    - Also planning to get The Crew 2 and Far Cry 5 in the future.
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    Ghost recon wildlands - tactical stealth
    European time zone, feel free to add me
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    Assassins Creed. Thanks all!
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    All assassins creed, splinter cells, and watchdogs

    Have been grinding on Origins lately
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    - Far Cry 3
    - Far Cry 5

    European time zone
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    My username is DarkDruid_
    I play AC Origins, Rayman Legends and Trackmania Turbo
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    The Crew 2
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