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    Blacklist_game.exe has stopped working

    Half way through the single player campaign, I decided to try online play with a friend. After a few missions together, I alt-tabbed to check a message on skype.
    In typical ubisoft fashion, I was unable to get back into my game or use my desktop and had to resort to ctrl+alt+del and kill blacklist there.

    Since then, as soon as I run blacklist I get the error "Blacklist_game.exe has stopped working".

    I have validated my game files on steam, tweaked the video settings ini and removed it altogether so it can be regenerated.

    No luck.

    I opened a support ticket but I don't expect a reply for another few weeks, so any suggestions from you guys?
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    This is to do with a conflict with "mumble" client. When I am not running mumble, the game works fine.
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