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    Den of Thieves: Bug, Missing Content or just me?

    I'm encountering a recurring problem in the Den of Thieves.
    I clear all the rooms, find all the keys, but the door to the right farthest from the exit doesn't open (it doesn't say I don't have a key, I can't interact with it at all). I can see on the minimap the assumed entrance to level 2, but again, it's just a wall I can't interact with. (There are also various other tiles on the minimap I can't access, look like traps, alcoves for enemy to exit the walls).
    Anyway, is this a bug, or is the content just not there for the moment, it's part of a quest that doesn't exist yet or similar...or am I just being incredibly stupid and missing some hidden level or something (I've tried pulling the torches, I'm no noob, lol).
    Help would be appreciated! Thanks.
    EDIT: Found answer in the form of "The Highwaymen" quest - problem solved.

    (On another note, I'm incredibly happy to have found a makeshift crossbow of annihilation (valued at 53 gold), which apparently has a 10 percent chance of damaging the enemy for as many hit piints as they currently havve, basically almost killing them with one shot (can't wait to try it on the naga boss!) - Interestingly, it is having the desired effect on my opponenets perhaps 95% of the time and not 10% of the time...finally a bug I'm enjoying! (hope I get to keep it in the final version)

    Also noticed some improvements when I started a new game today, lots of the previous bugs have gone (freezes), also new items added maybe (gloves, headgear)? Still can't hire the gobliin cook, and shops are still not restocking (and have totally different stock than yesterday) but otherwise enjoying it more than yesterday, keep up the good work! ).
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    I finished this demo a few days ago and as I recall the den of thieves has a quest you need before it opens up. I'm pretty sure you have to kill the lighthouse boss first then go back to town and talk to everyone until you get the den of thieves quest.

    Seems a lot of areas won't open or be restricted until you have a quest or finish some previous content..Sorry I don't remember who gave me the quest. Just talk to all the people in each building. I'm thinking maybe it was in the church but not sure. I do recall someone came with me to the den.
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    Thanks Yes, I realised about an hour after posting, once I killed the Naga boss in the lighthouse. (Upon returing to the Barracks and turning in the lighthouse quest, you're sent to the temple to receive 'The Highwayman" quest...)
    Seems rather unrealistic to have parts of the map off limits until a certain quest is received - would be better to have full access to everything at the risk of spoiling a quest or perhaps some deadly trap or locked door - a "this door is locked" message would be more realistic than seeing an entrance on the minimap and not being able to access it for no apparent reason I think.
    Finished the game last night - still a few ghosts left on the map
    Thanks again for the reply.
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    That's odd. I did the den of thieves before the light house.


    I do know there is one part where you have to backtrack to the opposite wing of the den to open a door in the opposite wing of that one.
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    You can do the Highwaymen quest right after finishing spider lair...just talk to Rosalie in the temple. (She's a hireling who grants you the ability to see hidden doors)
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    aaah thanks Mardn.seiner, I thought it was a bug when I discovered the hidden doors at the den of thieves level1 despite my "show hidden things" spell was just gone^^
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