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    The Crew *UNOFFICIAL* Full Car List (Last Updated 8/22)

    Hello all!

    I've been lurking the forums for a while now, and realized the other day that, while there are a lot of car wishlists here, we don't actually have a dedicated thread for cars we *know* will be in The Crew. As such, I figured it might be worthwhile to start an unofficial car spotting thread. If a car is known to be in the game (by any means, be it screenshot, offical carlist, preview mention, whatever), it'll get posted here, along with a source for proof (planning on adding that in when I get time, if anyone would like to help do screengrabs I'd really appreciate it).

    I followed one of these when Forza Horizon was in production, and it was an invaluable resource to me back then, so it seems reasonable that we all might want one too. While I know that the IGCD has essentially the same list, it tends to update dreadfully slowly, so...yeah. :P

    Anyway, below are all the confirmed cars, broken down by manufacturer. If you have any you've seen/heard of (and can provide any proof) by all means please do submit them! For now though, here's what we have:

    Alfa Romeo
    2008 8C Competizione

    Aston Martin
    2012 DBS

    2012 Contintental GT

    2011 Z4 SDRIVE35IS

    1969 Camaro RS
    2010 Camaro SS
    2012 Corvette ZR1
    1967 Impala Sport Sedan
    2013 Silverado SS

    2006 RAM SRT10
    1969 Charger
    2012 Charger
    2013 Challenger
    2010 Viper SRT10

    2011 Mustang GT
    2010 Focus RS
    2013 F150 SVT Raptor
    2005 GT

    2008 Murcielago LP640
    2010 Murcielago LP670-SV
    2013 Aventador

    2010 Mini Cooper S

    2013 370z
    2002 GTR R34 Skyline

    2013 3400 K

    1967 GT500
    2013 Ford GT500

    Buggy (Assumed holdover from Driver: San Fransisco)
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    2010 Gran Turismo (Click the third notch)


    S281 (Mustang on the far left)
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    I dint see the maserati or saleen
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    Maserati GT, Key features 3rd pictures, left & hard to miss.But for the Saleen, im sure its a customized Mustang.
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    Sorry i didnt look through the photos, my bad
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    Suggestions, when you add new cars to the list put this icon ( in the front of them, so that people know wich cars are new to the list

    BTW where do you saw the silverado?
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    Beetle 68' (It's Baja in front of le Raptor)
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    Quess it's a car, ok. But on that pic it's impossible to say what exactly
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    To the author: Can You register ony my fansite (the link is on the signature) and create topic like that? My appreciations for the good work on creating this list!
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