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    Doppleganger Mission Crash

    So what is the solution for this? I'm playing on PS3 and have done this mission numerous times with the same result. I've tried doing another side mission, then saving. It still freezes up and goes to a black screen as soon as I take down the recruit.. I have looked on this forum and online and cannot find a solution. Do I reload the game, start over from the beginning (what if the same thing happens!!!). This pretty much makes the game unplayable if you can't move on with the missions. If you tell me to open a support ticket, please give me a direct link. I went to support and could not find where to open a ticket. Thanks.
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    If possible please try playing the mission again on another save. If you are unable to locate the ticket area, please select "My Question" after logging into the website. From there you will be able to "Ask a question" and make note of the issue and all the details there. Once received, the Support team in your region will do their best to assist you. You may locate the links to the Support site in my signature below.
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    For the last two weeks I have been trying to resolve this problem. I've had two replies from Ubisoft and tried all of their suggestions which includes:

    change video resolution
    change audio resolution
    delete game utility files
    delete save files (which means starting game over again)
    disconnect from PSN
    play from a different save
    exchange game disc for a new one
    play game on another console (only suggestion that I have been unable to try)

    None of this has worked. The game still freezes at the exact same spot over and over and over. I like the game, but after having this issue unresolved I doubt that I would purchase any other game from Ubisoft. My PS3 has never caused me any other problems. All other games have played fine and still do.
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    I have the same exact problem and have not been able to find a fix the only thing I have not tried is delete save files and I don't really want to do that. I have already made a help ticket for this and so far they have asked me to do the same things as above. This is ridiculous.
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    Doppleganger crash

    have the same problem ps3 .crashes after getting on hoyts ship. wont load privateer uniiform .any fix yet.thanks
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