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Thread: The Division for PC - Show Ubisoft we care! (With poll!) | Forums

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    I'll 100% buy this game if it's on PC, please Ubisoft, do the right thing!
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    Of course we need this game on PC! Please, Ubisoft, listen to your fans and make it happen.

    You were on a good path to TRUE multiplatform experiences in order to bring your games to many people as possible. Why stopping now? That doesn't make any sense, especially when online games are very strong on PC....
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    Shinuz's Avatar Junior Member
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    Seriously this is the game that was shown at E3 that looks the more fun, entertaining and immersive and I would love to be able to play it without having to buy a console. Please Ubisoft make it happen!!!
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    I'd love to have it on PC. When I first saw who was developing it, I thought it was all but guaranteed for PC. I don't see why it wouldn't get ported to PC, a lot of games are using DX11 on Console now and it's getting easier to port to PC and vice-versa, if this game is DX11, it increases our chances. It may even be that they have a PC version planned, but aren't ready to announce it yet.
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    PC clans and squads are among the most social and active organised gamers more so than console players. How many console clans do you see owning clan websites and participating socially online. This means greater exposure for the Division since clans and PC gamers are more likely to socially share their experiences all over the internet. Ubisoft would gain more than it would lose by bringing this to the PC
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    jezgadi's Avatar Junior Member
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    May 2013
    I definitely want this on PC but ubisoft's networking performance thus far on a lot of it's PC ported games suck, big time.
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    I fully support this release on the PC, I will be buying it on the PC if it comes out and play it with multiple of my friends who want to play it with me. Unfortunately If it doesn't come out on the PC, I guess I'll have to spend $480 to play this game because I really want to play this.
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    I hope, if anyone from Ubisoft sees this, that they realize that each vote in this poll represents a thousand people who don't know of this poll but want to see this on PC.
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    I'd really like to see a PC version of this amazing game!
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    Please, PC version.
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