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    Hey The_Argentinian,

    We added a web browser with the 11th July update. You can find it in the overlay while in-game by pressing Shift+F2.

    Ugh, what an idiot. I didn't see the option at the bottom. Thanks!
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    Give us the amount of players online in all games like Steam does.
    Games forum would also be nice to have in Uplay.
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    Hi, I think you should fix some things with old (and not-so-old) games. For example, in Assassin's Creed III, I bought a DLC (the Hidden Secrets), and had to spend like 30 minutes wondering how the heck I should activate it. I had to go to a hidden section in Uplay where all the serial keys for games, content & DLC are listed. Then, I had to copy to a paper the code, to write it inside the game in order to unlock the content...

    Of course, I found somebody telling how to do that on this forum (or other forum, I don't remember exactly where it was), since official sources from Ubisoft tell nothing about how to activate the key. The email I received confirming the purchase say nothing - in fact, it have a "help" link... which directed me to a 404 broken link I don't know how a company as big as Ubisoft can't do simple things like this OK. I also would like to talk about legacy usernames, but I suppose that's nothing you would change for some reason.

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    This is an error or bug in the semantics I guess:

    When trying to download a game (not an update) and your standard download location is set to a drive that is no longer present on your computer. Then the error message you get is something like: "Can't download, you are offline". This is misleading

    It took me quite some time to realise this, as I was baffled by the fact that uplay was online and downloading an update for a GR Wildlands!
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    A simple functionality relating friends

    A handy feature for people such as myself that have many friends and inside all this group of friends I have some that like to change their name a lot. So an option to give them a nickname so we can easily keep up with who's who would be a really great adition to uPlay.
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    When wishlist & discount notifications would be added?
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