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    Yes yes yes we want dark messiah 2

    This game is my favourite! No matter how much and how good graphics games are getting released, DM2 still remains a part of my childhood. Please Ubisoft, if you care of your customer's wishes, then you would make a continuation,
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    I just want a new Dark Messiah game to hear Xana taunting me again,that for me was the best part of the game
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    Of course it's not even a question

    I personally loved playing Dark Messiah and would love to see another game of that style made. I beat the game four times to see each ending and because it was just that addicting. Even if the second game wasn't a direct sequel to the first, maybe a prequel or a sequel that takes place a little farther in the future, I would still buy it just because of how good the first one was. My dad doesn't play video games anymore but I know he played Dark Messiah at one point and I know that he too would love to see a second game made relating to it. It would be cool to be able to play as someone who maybe isn't Sareth but someone like Leana or Xana, or possibly even a younger Master Phenrig or Sareth's father(sorry I don't remember his name if it was said). I think playing one of these characters could add a bigger backstory as to how they meet and get to know Sareth, or in the case of Sareth's father show just what kind of god he is, either one that starts out wanting to help people and slowly realizing the power he has and starts to go mad, or one that has just always wanted to cause chaos and kill Ashan and The Seventh Dragon(sorry if those are the same person, its been a while since iv'e played the game) to gain even more power and rule the world with everyone to do his bidding. Either way I do think it is something to consider making especially with the systems we have to make these new games with, I think it would make the experience even better with the realistic graphics and more precise fighting mechanics. BUT, one thing that MUST be kept in for the second game is the kicking, that is hands down the best useful game mechanic to come out of a game like this in a very long time in my opinion.
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